May 19, 2024

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Israel confirmed that it would retaliate against Iran's attack and rejected deterrence efforts by the US and other allies

Israel confirmed that it would retaliate against Iran's attack and rejected deterrence efforts by the US and other allies
Israel urges response to Iran attack and rejects deterrence efforts by allies (Europe Press)

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin NetanyahuThis Wednesday emphasized SHe will decide how Answer attack From Iran week end, Thus the deception attempts of the allies were rejectedWho fears Regional climbing Conflicts that aggravate the situation.

“I thank our friends for their support and all their advice in defending Israel, but I want to be clear: we will make our decisions.”Netanyahu commented, highlighting his right to self-defense and his freedom when defining how to exercise it.

The president's words came after a meeting with UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron and his German counterpart, Annalena Beierbach, who traveled to Jerusalem to speak in person and ask for wisdom on the country's strategy for the future.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbach traveled to Israel with her Foreign Secretary David Cameron and held a meeting with Netanyahu (Europe Press).

In fact, just before landing, Cameron himself announced BBC “Israel is a sovereign, independent and These conclusions can be drawn (indicating a military response). And when they do, we hope they do In a smart and difficult way, but at least possible to escalate this conflict”.

For his part, the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak He held a phone conversation with Netanyahu in which he reiterated Downing Street's “firm support” while underlining that “a major escalation is in nobody's interest and deepens insecurity in the Middle East.”

From America, Joe Biden He has also been closely following Netanyahu's plans and warned earlier in the day that an escalation in the Middle East would depend largely on Israel's action and the Persian regime's response.

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“Without going into hypotheticals, a lot will depend on exactly what happens and how Iran might respond. As for a possible Israeli response, that's a sovereign decision for Israel to make,” Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder said.

This is the Iranian attack this weekend

Despite these efforts, Tel Aviv is focusing on its counter-offensive alternatives, which would allow justice with more than 300 drones and missiles against Sunday's frustrated attack, but also attacks that Tehran has been encouraging for months against terrorist fighters in the region.

“Their bloody footprints are everywhere.” But we will not allow them to advance. Even here on the West Bank, Iran attempts to incite terrorism by diverting weapons and funds and directing attacks to harm Israeli citizens.“, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant commented on Saturday during a visit to a settlement in the area where the army found the lifeless body of a Jewish child.

At the same time, the situation in northern Israel remains tense, with heavy firefights with Lebanese Shia militias. Hezbollah. This Wednesday, 14 security forces personnel were injured after an attack against a community center, which also affected four civilians.

“In the past few hours, several launches of anti-tank missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles were identified, as a result of which six soldiers were seriously injured, two were moderately injured and six were lightly injured,” they pointed out in a statement. While the terrorist group released its own note, it said it was a “military intelligence center” and was a maneuver in response to two previous Israeli bombings in the south of the country that killed a platoon commander and another missile force officer.

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(with information from EFE)