November 30, 2023

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Israel released video of hostages in the tunnels of Gaza’s main hospital

Israel released video of hostages in the tunnels of Gaza’s main hospital

The Israeli military released the images, claiming they came from surveillance cameras at Shifa Hospital in Gaza. It shows how many hostages would have been taken to the compound After the kidnapping on October 7.

The findings prove that the Shifa Hospital compound was used by the terrorist organization Hamas As a terrorist infrastructure on the day of the assassination”The Israeli military and intelligence services said in a statement.

In one video, several men, four of them armed, carry a man on a stretcher. In another, someone is seen trying to resist as they are forcibly dragged into a building that looks like a hospital.

AFP news agency He said he could not immediately verify the images.

“Here you can see Hamas taking a hostage in, and they are taking him to the hospital,” military spokesman Daniel Hagari told reporters, describing the hostages, men, as being from Nepal and Thailand.

“We still haven’t found these two hostages, we don’t know where they are”he added.

According to the Israeli military, weapons and equipment were found at the Shifa hospital complex in the Gaza Strip. Reuters photo

Last Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu justified the attack on Gaza’s largest health center, saying his country’s intelligence services had “strong indications” of the presence of hostages taken by Hamas at Al Shifa hospital. Undressing.

Similarly, a military spokesman said the body of 19-year-old soldier Noah Marciano, who was captured by Hamas in the Nahal Oz base on October 7, was found near Al Shifa.

According to Hamas, he was killed in an Israeli bombardment.

In addition, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said they found a dozen light weapons and clothing allegedly belonging to Hamas militants at the facility, as well as a 55-meter underground tunnel with an armored door at the end.

Gazan officials insist that the hospital was never used for military purposes.

The images appear to be time-stamped on October 7, 2023, the day Hamas militants attacked southern Israel. They killed about 1,200 peoplemostly civilians, and took about 240 hostages, including twenty Argentines, according to Israeli officials.

In response, Israel launched a relentless and deadly bombardment of the Gaza Strip, as well as a ground offensive, which killed 13,000 people. including 5,500 childrenMostly civilians, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.