May 22, 2024

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US and UK impose new economic sanctions on Iran after bombing Israel

US and UK impose new economic sanctions on Iran after bombing Israel
Objects are seen in the sky over Jerusalem after Iran launched drones and missiles at Israel. (REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)

America And this United Kingdom They imposed on Thursday A New round of sanctions on Iran Concerns are growing that Tehran's unprecedented attack on Israel could trigger a wider war in the Middle East.

The Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) It allowed 16 people and two companies from Iran That They make motors for drones Used in the April 13 attack against Israel.

Even OFAC allowed it Five companies dedicated to steel production Already Three subsidiaries of Iranian car manufacturer Bahman Group, accused of providing material support to the Iranian military and other banned groups. A representative for Bahman was not immediately available for comment.

Also, the The UK has several Iranian military formations in its sightsas well as Individuals and companies involved in the Iranian drone industry And Ballistic Missiles.

President of the United States Joe Biden ordered the US Treasury said in a statement. Continue to impose sanctions that further degrade Iran's military industries.

“Let it be clear to all who allow or support Iran's attacks”, said. ““We will not hesitate to take all necessary steps to hold them accountable.”

Israeli military spokesman, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, shows an Iranian ballistic missile recovered from the Dead Sea after the Iranian attack (REUTERS/Amir Cohen)

In addition to fiscal constraints, the US Commerce Department imposes new restrictions to limit Iran's access to microelectronics Basic commercial grade, which applies to goods manufactured outside the United States that are manufactured using US technology.

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The moves come after US officials warned earlier this week that they were preparing new sanctions in response to Iran's activities in the region and to deter future attacks. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have also been quick to push back Laws that financially punish the Islamic Republic and its leaders.

Iran's attack on Israel early Sunday morning came in response to Israel's attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria earlier in the month. The Israeli military chief said on Monday that his country Iran will retaliateWorld leaders are trying to avoid a spiral of violence, while warning against retaliation.

The EU leaders also pledged on Wednesday to increase sanctions against Iran.Targeted delivery of drones and missiles to proxies in Gaza, Yemen and Lebanon.

The European Union's foreign policy chief, Joseph BorrellI declare that The current EU sanctions regime will be strengthened and expanded Punish Tehran and deter future attacks against Israel. At the same time, he said, Israel should act with restraint.

“I don't want to exaggerate, but we are on the brink of a war, a regional war in the Middle East, which will send shock waves to the rest of the world and Europe in particular,” he warned. “So stop it.”