July 13, 2024

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Israel discovered an underground tunnel with vehicles and a large arsenal of Hamas weapons at Al Shifa hospital.

Israel discovered an underground tunnel with vehicles and a large arsenal of Hamas weapons at Al Shifa hospital.
Israel discovers an underground tunnel with vehicles and a large weapons cache at Al Shifa hospital (X: @idfonline)

Israel confirmed the finding of a Underground tunnel In the hospital Al ShifaIn LoopWhere are the terrorists from? Hamas They stayed under this cover to plan their next attacks.

Defense forces released a video showing the entrance to the passage, on the side of the building, which was canceled to prevent future enemy infiltration.

At the same time, officials A VehicleIn close proximity, with characteristics similar to those used by militants in the October 7 massacre Weapons, Uniforms And Explosives Inside.

Vehicle found near hospital (X: @idfonline)

Finally, the troops met Vast arsenal Palestinian militants – among them AK-47 assault rifles, magazines and grenades– Hidden in the hospital, behind a resonator, they said the terrorists could invade the rooms and corridors with their weapons – further proof that they were hiding themselves with demands to respect the civilians inside.

Some weapons and explosives inside the van (@idfonline)

“IDF forces continue to operate and locate Terrorist infrastructure in hospitals Used by the terrorist organization Hamas,” the military wrote It confirms beyond doubt that Hamas systematically uses hospitals in its military operations, in violation of international law”.

Soldiers also discovered a large cache of weapons hidden in the medical center (@idfonline).

This week, Israel was able to enter Al Shifa through a “selective operation” after weeks of advances in the Palestinian territory.

After launching a series of carefully calculated attacks and providing food, medicine, water and incubators for newborns to the wounded, the troops withdrew on Wednesday night.

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However, this Thursday they entered the main hospital on the Strip for the second time and thoroughly inspected the facilities. “Although hundreds of patients and medical staff are still in the compound, soldiers are searching every floor and building is under construction,” an army spokesman said.

During their tours, officials also found computers containing information and “images related to the hostages,” the recovery of which was one of the priorities of the attack led by Benjamin Netanyahu. These data are being analyzed.

Israel mourned the death of one of the hostages, Yehudit Weiss, at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

However, Israel reported that members of the 7th Armored Division’s 603rd Brigade recovered the body in the past few hours. Yehudit Weiss65, was abducted by Hamas on October 7 in Kibbutz Biri.

“Yehudith was killed by terrorists in the Gaza Strip and she could not be found in time,” spokesman Daniel Hagari said.