November 30, 2023

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The Israeli army has recovered the body of soldier Noah Marciano, who died after being kidnapped by Hamas.

The Israeli army has recovered the body of soldier Noah Marciano, who died after being kidnapped by Hamas.
The Israeli army has recovered the body of soldier Noah Marciano, who was abducted and murdered by Hamas in Gaza.

The Israel Defense Forces (FTI) resumed this Friday Gaza Strip The body of the soldier identified as Nova Marciano, Three days after the notification Died in captivity In the hands of a terrorist group Hamas.

“The body of soldier Noah Marciano, who was abducted by the terrorist organization Hamas, was recovered by the military forces from the structure adjacent to the hospital. Al Shifa transferred from Gaza to Israeli territory,” the IDF said in a statement.

“After a process Id An IDF delegation carried out by military medical personnel and the rabbinate informed his family yesterday that his body had been exhumed and returned to Israeli territory.

Marciano, 19, joined Section 414 of the Combat Intelligence Corps and charged at the base Nahal Oz When kidnapped by terrorists during a bloody attack on southern Israel on October 7. I lived Modi’s And he is the eldest of three brothers.

on Monday, Hamas Published by A Campaign video soldier, in which she is seen talking to the camera days after she was taken hostage.

In the pictures, Marciano identifies himself and says he has been detained in Gaza for four days, indicating that he was recorded. October 11. The video shows his body on a blood-stained sheet.

Hamas released a propaganda video of the soldier, in which he is seen speaking to the camera days after he was taken hostage.

The IDF did not provide details on the circumstances of Marciano’s death, describing it as ““Deadly Kidnapped in the Hands of a Terrorist Organisation”.

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Her body comes shortly after the army’s announcement this Friday that her body had been found Yehudit WeissA 65-year-old Israeli woman was also kidnapped on October 7 along with more than 240 others.

Both discoveries took place in close proximity Al Shifa HospitalIsrael maintains that the Islamic group’s main military infrastructure is located there.

According to some Israeli media, Weiss is a mother and father of five children Medical treatment By Breast Cancer. He was in his home in the kibbutz on the day of the Hamas attack Big When she was caught, her husband, Shmulik Weisswas murdered.

The discovery of these two bodies occurs Israeli forces They continue to perform “precision and selective” surgery at Al Shifa Hospital, the largest on the Strip.

The discovery of the two bodies comes as Israeli forces continue a “precise and selective” operation on the Strip’s largest Al Shifa hospital. (Reuters)

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin NetanyahuThis Thursday promised to be “Strong symptoms“That said Hostages Retained by Hamas They were in that hospital compound. However, he confirmed that the hostages were not there at the time the army launched its military operation at the site.

We had strong indications that they were detained at Shifa Hospital, which was one of the reasons we entered the hospital.” Netanyahu announced during an interview with the USA Network CBS.

The Israeli military called for an “immediate evacuation” this Friday Ibn Sina Hospitalin Jenin, and arrested at least two members of the health workforce, according to local sources consulted by the Palestinian News Agency. Wafa.

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The Israeli army surrounded the hospital for several hours, raiding the ambulances around the health complex and demanding through megaphones to evacuate the hospital.

The same sources said the IDF asked the medics to leave the hospital with their hands up.