May 19, 2024

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Israeli army kills three children of Hamas leader in Gaza | Ismail Haniyeh warned, “This bloodshed will make us stronger.”

Israeli army kills three children of Hamas leader in Gaza |  Ismail Haniyeh warned, “This bloodshed will make us stronger.”

The Israeli army killed three children and four grandchildren of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday., who warned that the attack would not change the Palestinian Islamist movement's demands after six months of war. Israel confirmed that three of Haniyeh's sons were killed in bombings in Gaza and identified them as Mohammed, Hazem and Amir. In a statement, the armed forces confirmed that they belonged to the Islamic group's military wing.

The attack comes as Hamas studies A recent cease-fire plan resulted from negotiations in CairoThis is according to Israeli media It would allow the release of 40 hostages in Gaza in exchange for a temporary ceasefire and the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. The deal does not include the return of displaced Palestinians to their homes or the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces, key demands of the Islamist group.

“Hamas' position will not change”

Ismail Haniyeh, who lives in Doha, Qatar, told Al Jazeera the “martyrdom” of his three children and some grandchildren. According to the Qatari Network, the drone struck the family's vehicle in the Al Shadi refugee camp in the north of the narrow and devastated Palestinian territory. This is a statement Hamas confirmed the deaths of Haniya's three children and her four grandchildren.

“This bloodshed will make us firmer in our principles.”said the leader of Hamas, which has ruled Gaza since 2007. “If the enemy believes that attacking my children at the climax of the negotiations and that the movement will change its position before Hamas gives its response, they are wrong. “The positions will not change,” he added. Honey.

Basem Naim, Hamas' head of political and international relations, told Al Jazeera that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “doing everything possible to prevent or undermine any possibility of reaching a ceasefire agreement”. Naim said Netanyahu is “under pressure” from the US, the international community and Israeli society, so he is using “all other dirty resources to kill our children, our wives and our leaders”.

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The Israeli military said in a statement: “The air force carried out the attack Three Hamas soldiers are carrying out terrorist activities in the central Gaza Strip“. In the news, the armed forces said three militants, the sons of the head of the Hamas political bureau, Amir, Mohammed and Hashem Haniyeh, have been living in exile in Qatar for years.

The bombing came despite efforts by international mediators to broker a truce in the fighting. It also agreed The first day of Eid al-Fitr is a holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. The war broke out on October 7 after a Hamas attack on southern Israel killed 1,170 people, mostly civilians, according to Israeli figures.

The Islamist movement also took 250 hostages, 129 of whom are in Gaza, including 34 believed dead, Israeli officials said. In response, Israel vowed to end Hamas, which it considers a terrorist organization like the United States and the European Union, and launched a heavy offensive that has already killed 33,482 people in Gaza, according to the territory's health ministry.

Biden's critique

According to Hamas, Israel again bombarded northern and central Gaza on Wednesday, killing 14 people, including children, including the Nusirat camp. Mediators (Qatar, Egypt and the US) are awaiting responses to a new three-phase ceasefire proposal presented to Israel and Hamas on Sunday.

The first contemplates a six-week ceasefire, the exchange of 42 hostages in Gaza for 800 to 900 Palestinians imprisoned in Israel, 400 to 500 daily truckloads of food aid and the return of displaced people to their homes in northern Gaza. Hamas last week reiterated its demands, which include a definitive cease-fire, the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza, an increase in humanitarian aid, the return of displaced people and a deal to exchange hostages for Palestinian prisoners.

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President of the United States Joe BidenAn already harsh critic of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Gaza military strategy on Tuesday, said this Wednesday. Israel refused to allow the necessary aid. “It's not enough,” Biden told reporters after sharing a call with Netanyahu.

Former US President and Republican candidate Donald Trump joined the debate, saying Biden had “completely” lost control of the Israeli situation. “He has abandoned Israel, he has completely abandoned Israel,” he told reporters upon arrival in Atlanta, where he planned to hold a fund-raising event.

Trump assumed that Biden had no idea where he was or who he was supporting., deemed him “less intellectual” and said that “any Jew who votes Democratic or votes for Biden should have his head examined.” Also Wednesday, at the White House, Biden confirmed that talks between Israel and Hamas regarding a possible cease-fire are continuing.

“Sad Help”

Despite international warnings, Israel's War Cabinet Minister, Benny Gantzinsisted that Israeli forces occupy Rafah and return to Khan Yunis, they withdrew from there last week. Gantz added that while the army would have to fight “in the Gaza Strip, in the West Bank and on the Lebanese front” for years, “Hamas has been defeated from a military point of view.”

The Israeli military says Rafah, next to the closed border with Egypt, is the Islamist group's last stronghold in Gaza. Nearly 1.5 million people are concentrated in the city, most of them displaced by the war, according to the UN. Meanwhile, Palestinians celebrated the end of Ramadan in makeshift shelters and with sweets and small cakes prepared amid shortages.

In Jerusalem, amid heavy security measures, a crowd of worshipers gathered on the mosque's esplanade to remember the tragedy in Gaza. “This is the saddest Eid we've ever experienced,” said Rawan Abd, a 32-year-old nurse from East Jerusalem, which is occupied and annexed by Israel.

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This year's Eid al-Fitr was unlike any other experience in the Palestinian Territories, especially in the Strip. Ahmad Kishta, a displaced father of four in Rafah, said: “I swear before God we have never experienced an Eid like this, full of fear, destruction and devastation from war.”

Aid to Northern Gaza

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav GallantHe assured that on Wednesday Israel to open new crossing in northern Gaza “as soon as possible” With the aim of increasing the inflow of humanitarian aid. At a press conference with international media in Tel Aviv, Gallant noted that this entry point in the north seeks to increase the flow of aid from Israel's border with Jordan.

The Minister reiterated that Ashdod port will be activated and cooperation with Jordan and international organizations will be increased. “These developments have a direct impact on aid flows: We plan to flood Gaza and hope to reach 500 trucks per day“said Gallant, who was a common figure before the war for the UN.

is rated as At least 300,000 people in the north of the Strip are at risk of starvation, the closure of border crossings and the destruction of enclave routes severely hampers the flow of goods and humanitarian aid. Gallant's announcement came after an Israeli attack against a convoy of the NGO World Central Kitchen (WCK) that killed seven humanitarian workers and which the defense minister himself described as a “grave mistake” on Wednesday.