April 22, 2024

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“It was the hardest experience I've ever had”

“It was the hardest experience I've ever had”

Victoria Vannucci She arrived in Argentina on Monday from the US, where she lives, and opened up about the drama she's been through with her ex-husband and the father of her two children. Mathias Garfunkel.

At Ezeza International Airport, Vannucci was approached by a journalist Show partners (El Tres, at 10:30 a.m.), rotation led by Adrian Pallares and Rodrigo Lucic. In that conversation, the former tennis player, now devoted to gastronomy, spoke candidly about the hell she went through when her ex-husband wouldn't let her see their two children, Napoleon and Indiana.

It should be remembered that Vannucci and Garfunkel had a very contentious divorce two years ago. The whole family lived in Miami, but he decided to move to Israel and took the two children with him.

He later refused to take his children to America so they could see their mother. Justice, finally, ruled in Victoria's favor, but in between, she not only went through the traumatic situation of being away from her children, but also spent a night in jail as a result of a false complaint by her ex-partner.

The whole situation was much commented on in public and social networks. Thus, when the notary Show partners He asks her how things are now with her ex-husband and her children, and Victoria is not surprised. “You put your kids first, I'm trying to let go of the past and look forward to my kids,” he replied.

Victoria Vannucci: “I try to let go of the past and look forward.” Catch the TV.

But he clarified: “You also have to understand that there is a disease … of course it's huge. But I don't want my children to hate me for being so bad. Now, our relationship is entirely due to the boys. And she is very respectable. Or at least on my part, it's very respectful.”

With gratitude, Victoria said: “I want to say to all the women, all the journalists and all the Argentinians, if it wasn't for you, it wouldn't have been so easy for me, I would have suffered a lot … those who didn't have those connections. That dissemination. I am very sorry for my country and my family who accompanied me minute by minute. Grateful, because the truth is I've had a really bad time.”

“The journalists acted in good faith and helped my children recover quickly. So I am forever grateful,” he added.

Victoria Vannucci: “I never imagined I would spend a night in jail”

It was the hardest experience I've ever had -Vannuchi continued-. And what's worse, I know there are women who don't have that strength or that connection… I can't even imagine that because the hardest thing that can happen to you is having a baby.”

Victoria Vannucci: “When you have bipolar at this level, there's no way to stop it without medication.” Catch the TV.

When they took her to remember her suffering, Vannucci replied: “I was in prison, it was huge, at first, I couldn't stop crying, I was shocked, you have to understand that. When the trigger (emotional trigger) is disabled when bipolar is at that level, there is no way to stop it if there is no medication.“.

When Victoria Vannucci and Madias Garfunkel were a couple.

“It was so overwhelming for me,” he said, “I never would have expected it. I never thought I would spend a night in jail.. All I did was cry because I didn't understand anything. Fortunately, then, Things turned upside down because I was given a chance to show a reality This, apparently, would never have been shown. But, unfortunately, I was forced into that position.

“There, Realizing this, the judge dismissed all the charges. They took care of him (Garfunkel) quite a bit, given his circumstances,” added Victoria Vannucci.