February 29, 2024

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Jair Bolzano will be criminally reprimanded for his administration during epidemics | The presentation will be made by the Senate Commission that investigated it.

The The Brazilian Senate Commission of Inquiry into Epidemiology will appeal to a Brazilian judge for eleven crimes against President Jair Bolzano. Among them is the genocide of indigenous peoples, crimes against humanity and the diversion of public money to buy useless solutions against Govt-19.

The statement was released this Friday by Senator Renan Calheiros Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CBI). He will deliver his final work next Tuesday, as described by the officer Eleven charges against Bolzano, including dozens of officials, former officials and associates of the government Accordingly they are also involved in the legal and illegal administration of public policies against the epidemic.

“These allegations mean the president It has not fulfilled its legal obligation to prevent the death of thousands of Brazilians during epidemics. For example, there is no doubt that there was a genocide against the tribal people in dealing with the epidemic, “Calheiros told CBN Radio.

Charges against the president should be elevated to the Attorney General of the Republican and Federal Supreme Courts, while persons without jurisdiction should be charged by the Senate – the power of the investigative police – before the first federal court.

The Commission revealed – on the basis of public testimony – the plan for a The parallel health cabinet denial was made up of doctors, Hydroxy chloroquine and other vaccines were prescribed to doctors targeting the so-called new corona virus. Fight isolation And keep the economy running.

Calvary promised to lay charges against at least 40 people involved in managing the Covit-19 epidemic, with the exception of Bolzano. Among them The Public and Former Minister of Health, Eduardo Basuello, And his right hand in the ministry, Colonel Elsio Franco.

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General Eduardo Basuello will be indicted in December and January for his role in the state of Manaus, Amazonas. Due to the system collapsed Lack of oxygen in hospitals, Causes patient deaths due to suffocation.

As Calheiros told the newspaper Or balloon, Basuello’s accusation should not create any friction with the military. “General Basuello has not been questioned in any case as a military man, as a general, as a representative of the Brazilian military.” “He was questioned as health minister,” he assured the Brazilian morning newspaper. “One is the Ministry of Health, the other is the Brazilian military,” he added.

Reached Brazil last Friday 600,000 died For infection. Currently, pre-vaccine infections are at an all-time low, with 46 percent of people with a complete plan and more than 70 with the first dose.

Polzano is not vaccinated and will not be vaccinated

On Wednesday, Paulsonaro said he would not be vaccinated against the corona virus Arguably – according to doctors – he was vaccinated with antibodies he had after being infected with the virus in August 2020. The President signed an order Keep your personal vaccination record confidential for 100 years.

According to Calheiros, Bolsanaro’s offenses to be brought before the ICC: an infectious disease leading to death, The crime of violating preventive health measures (Fight against masks and mobilization), misuse of public money, incitement to crime, forgery of documents, isolation, genocide of tribals, crime against humanity, conflict of duty during the crime of incumbency and murder.

This Friday The Association of Victims and Relatives of Govt (Avico) Victims, It was created in April to put pressure on the Bolzano government. The organization has placed 600 white flags in front of the Brazilian Congress to commemorate the more than 600,000 deaths associated with the corona virus since the outbreak began.“This law reflects a large part of the pain of each of these families and represents our anger at the government’s contempt for the victims.”Said Antonida Alves, one of the participants.

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Next Monday, Govt-19 sufferers and victims will testify before the Parliamentary Commission about their experience with the disease. Tuesday’s report is due to be read in the Senate after the commission’s nearly five-month hearing, which is due to vote Wednesday.