April 25, 2024

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Javier Miele criticized the exchange of government bonds and marked his main problem

Javier Miele criticized the exchange of government bonds and marked his main problem

National Vice Javier Miley This Friday was strongly rejected Securities exchange The government ordered and talked about the possibility Hyperinflation He accused the country and the government of trying to solve the crisis “White Dollars” systemA situation, he said, It reappears when the “share is deleted”.. “The problem is that the weights melt like snow during the day“, he said CO+.

The leader of La Libertad Avanza recovered the judicial interpretation of the opposition in this sense. “The complaint seems valid to me. But no one will complain [Eduardo] “Duhalde and that band are disgraceful,” he pointed out. And he added: “The problem is always the same, the lack of funding that they don’t want to fix and they always attack the private sector,” he said in reports to the program.Nation Conducted by Jose del Rio And Pablo Rossi.

The presidential candidate thus reinforced his proposal to change the retirement system, noting the impact the measure adopted by the Ministry of Economy had on ANCES and the Maintenance Guarantee Fund. “The retirement system is a pyramid scheme“, said. He explained that the system should be private: “Politicians are robbers, every time they see savings they steal it from you, that’s why we protect the way one retires.”

And he added: “Yes. [el Fondo de Garantía de Sustentabilidad] If in private hands, it would find us with an open letter of selective default and a flight spin-off from domestic assets and hyperinflation. However, he warned about the current situation: “Now Argentina can fly in the air. The rate of inflation is rising because you have huge cash reserves and you have trouble financing pesos.”.

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Interview with Javier Milei at +Nación

Miley blamed both the ruling party and the main opposition force for the problems that have plagued the country for years. “When the two friends of the Sorrows decide whether to go for a solution that doesn’t ruin the lives of the good guys (sic] together for the charge (sic) They agree: Both are in favor of delivery systems, government and there is interference in it. The main problem is the existence of the state,” he asserted.

To avoid hyperinflation, the only way they can think of is to inflate the dollar”, he explained. “If you’re breaking a stock against a flow, it’s inconsistent; when the stock breaks down, the problem comes back. The problem is not the high value of the dollar, it’s the melting of the ice caps during the day,” he stressed.

Miley was also asked about her figure measurements in the polls. He said that the idea is 25% vote across the country. However, he pointed out that many polls have been reversed: “If you take the polls on the one hand, you see that they are in their favor, it gives us over 22%, but on the other hand they sent out polls to reduce that. No.”

Facing elections, he said he would make an announcement on June 24 Names of his final cabinet If he wins the presidency, such as Candidates of Freedom Progress in different provinces. The lawmaker said he did not fear his leaders becoming “dishonest” while in public office. “If they are wrong, the market process will correct them,” he said.

The changes needed in the country are huge and if the leader does not have willpower and courage then those who follow will go nowhere. If you see the leader starting to ‘compromise’ with the ‘runfla’ of traditional politics, what example are you setting?” he said. “I caught myself and tied myself to the morale pole,” he said.


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