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Lula lashed out at Sergio Moro and tried to downplay the PCC’s plan to kill the former judge.

Lula lashed out at Sergio Moro and tried to downplay the PCC’s plan to kill the former judge.
Lula da Silva and Sergio Moro

Who expected that Luis Inacio Lula da Silva They will surely be disappointed that the Bolsonaro era of aggressive, provocative, ridiculous and sometimes extreme statements will end. In fact, the last few months have seen Brazil, in the eyes of the world, see an increase in communication from Lula, as he wrote in the newspaper yesterday. State of Sao Paulo Eliane Castanhede, journalist of GloboNews TV, asked, “But what is wrong with Lula?” This week, After insulting attacks on the central bank and its director and ludicrous statements like “economic manuals need to be rewritten”, Lula made his role as “president of the poor” enter the impenetrable terrain that now runs the risk of slipping him away forever, unleashing not just controversy but a sea of ​​questions.

Indeed, his statements against the senator Sergio MoroFrom the Union Brasil party, ex-judge of the action Lava Jato, The emblem of the fight against corruption was most intense in the Workers’ Party (PT) and in Lula himself, one of its main protagonists. “I think everything is Moro’s organization. I want to be cautious, I don’t want to attack anyone without evidence, I want to find out what happened, but it seems to be Moro’s organization,” Lula said between laughs. After months of investigation into the plan of Brazil’s most important criminal group. His comment is even more radical if one takes into account that he was referring to the Federal Police’s Operation Seaquas, which erupted last Wednesday. First Capital Command (PCC)Kidnap some officials, including Moro and his family, with the intention of negotiating the release of the leader of the group. Marcos Villains Herbaz CamachoTogether with other members of the organization, known as Margola.

It didn’t take long for a response from the former magistrate, whose security had been intensified for months due to the same threat. In an intense interview given to CNN Brazil, addressing Lula directly: “Have you no dignity? “If anything happens to me and my family, you are responsible.” Moro sought clarifications from the PT on its attempt at the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to quash two decisions of the Ministry of Justice. One tightened the rules for visiting maximum-security federal prisons starting in 2019, and the other banned intimate visits to federal prisons starting in 2017. In fact, this is how jailed PCC leaders broke the news to party members abroad. The first to attempt to undo the 2017 operation were from the NGO ‘Angeles de la Libertad’, followed in 2019 by PT. “Disaster was averted,” said former Judge Morrow, “only because the STF prevented the request. Crime from society.”

For the PT and NGOs, the visitation regime represented an “inhumane policy” and violated fundamental rights of the constitution: “It punishes families and violates the confidentiality of communications between prisoners and their lawyers.” It is important to remember that last year the Federal Police uncovered an escape attempt to free PCC leaders, including Margola, who used accomplice lawyers to pass information in and out of prison. Last year, Rio de Janeiro state representative Alexandre Freitas accused the NGO Angels de la Libertad of conflict of interest in a document sent to the Rio de Janeiro government. Also reported in a Brazilian newspaper Gazeta do PovoThe founder of the NGO, Flávia Pinheiro Fróes, has provided legal services for more than twenty years to the leaders of various criminal organizations, especially the Comando Vermelho, a major criminal group in Rio de Janeiro.

Not only did Lula attack Morrow, but also Judge Gabriela Hart. His deputy in Operation Lava Jato and responsible for signing nine arrest warrants for those responsible for the assassination plot uncovered by Operation Seaquas. The president accused him of aiding Moro. Hart reacted Desecrates investigation and makes WhatsApp conversations of criminals public. The National Association of Federal Police Commissioners (ADPF) and Brazil’s Association of Federal Judges (Ajufe) criticized Lula’s words, reiterating that the investigations were “conducted with the utmost caution” and that “the performance of judges is crucial for an effective fight”. Against organized crime.” Ironically, the day before the announcement of the move, Lula’s Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flavio Dino, revealed to the press, the president announced in an interview with the PT website. Brazil 247 What, cWhen he was in prison in Curitiba, when asked by an audience how he was doing, he said, “I feel better when I fuck Moro.”

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As a result, an investigation began Confession of former PCC member now living under protection scheme. The coordinator of the murder plan, according to Brazilian police, was Janperson Aparecido Mariano Gomez, known as Nefo, Artur, NF, Davy and Dodge, five aliases. This is the boss of the call “Controlled Tuning”, a group of PCC leaders involved in intelligence activities and in the assassination of public officials. The idea was to kidnap Moro, nicknamed Tokio in criminal chats, and his family to free Margola, a plan in which the PCC invested about 5 million reais, about a million dollars, which was to be implemented in the second round. Presidential elections at the end of October 2022. To spy on the former judge, the criminals rented apartments near the magistrate’s house in Curitiba and gained access to the city’s security cameras. They had arranged to inspect the building where the Moro was going to vote, always in Curitiba, in the Pacacherry neighborhood.

Although Minister Dino had originally named lawyer Lincoln Caccia as a target for the perpetrators, his name was not included in the document signed by Judge Hart. However, Kakiya, one of the symbolic magistrates of the struggle against the CCP, has survived several assassination attempts and continues to face threats to his life. “Margola’s release is a matter of honor for the PCC,” said Caccia., “We believe that the plan was not implemented because Margola did not issue the alleged order.” According to Caccia, the attacks against officials like Moro were called Plan B by the PCC, while Plan A was the release of Marcola, which also involved the use of Bolivian-trained mercenaries, according to the investigation. Plan A led to Marcola being transferred to a federal prison in Rondônia and then to Brasilia in March 2022, once a wall of sorts was built outside the prison.

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During the election campaign, the PCC’s issue was kept quiet by Supreme Electoral Tribunal judge Alexandre de Moraes, who forced the news site to go viral. or enemy The transcript of a portion of the wiretaps recorded by the Brazilian Federal Police in the framework of Operation Guardian Angels was sought. In August 2022, authorities foiled an escape plan by Margola and other members of the organization. During the interceptions, Marcola announced his support for Lula. “Lula is a real thief (…) Although Lula is a fraud (Pilandra) is the best in power, the left is zero, he is better than Bolsonaro because (Bolsonaro) is very close to the police and the militia” , said. Parties in Lula’s coalition, the Brazil of Hope Coalition, responded to the news by censuring Bolsonaro, his son Flavio and 16 others at the High Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and demanding that the article be withdrawn.

A few months later, these authentic transcripts, now weighing like a rock, raise more than one question in civil society, and according to the Brazilian news site Metropolis, one of the PCC members, Patric Uelinton Salomão, was arrested for participating. He won his freedom last year thanks to the same lawyer who freed one of Lula’s sons, Fabio Luis Lula da Silva, known as Lulinha, during the Lava Jato operation, a plot against Moro. In addition, Lula’s ambiguous statements in recent days have been magnified on social media by his supporters, who have begun to doubt the validity of the federal police investigation. São Paulo’s public ministry estimates that a state needs a strong and unified state to counter the PCC, which has more than 112,000 members and an army that pays more than a billion reais a year in drug trafficking, about $200 million. Companies, without which Brazil is at risk of crime.

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