May 23, 2024

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Javier Miley criticizes Gabriel Borick’s victory: “I’m scared of what happened in Chile”

Deputy of La Libertad Advance, Javier Miley, This is considered Sunday “Scary” Victory of the left-wing Gabriel Borick In the presidential election Chile, Confirmed in conversation with LN +, Called the elected president of the neighboring country He did not understand “how the capitalist system works”.

On the show Business community, Conducted Jose del Rio, Mili questioned Some activities announced To the Chilean leader who will take power in March. “[Hugo] Chavez was over-measured when he came to power”, He commented.

Miley, referring to the controversy in the Andean overseas country, dismissed the candidate as defeated this Sunday. Jose Antonio Cast, Out Extreme right. “The problem is, Borick is a communist. When you move too far to the left, you put others in a serious situation that is not like that, ”he said.

In this way, he considered it wrong for the new president to “wear something reasonable.” Rejecting his critique of profit-making, he said, “I do not understand how the capitalist system works.” He also cited a “good socialist” message.

Miley referred to the speech given after the poll results. “Raises the best salaries, how do you think they will be achieved? Order? Pressuring companies? He wondered.

When asked about the reasons for Borik’s success, Miley quoted the book.Deadly ignorance“From the Chilean thinker Axel Kaiser, Whom he defined as his friend. According to Kaiser, Milei said. Left fields, Despite its financial failures, They won the cultural war After the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“They founded Foro de San Pablo, today Grubo Pueblo. They took on education and the media, and they integrated personalities. He added: “Political debate around the world is left-wing. In any match, there are points Communist Report”.

Javier Miley: “I’m scared what happened in Chile”

Miley dismissed the government’s arguments as the cause of the opposition leaving the country without a budget for 2022, and noted in conversation with them. LN +, The bill rejected by Congress was “outdated” and “technically inconsistent”.

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Miley responded to the President Alberto Fernandez, Who questioned the negative vote to the opposition. “Fernandez can complain if the budget is reasonableSaid the economist.

What [Martín] Guzman is ashamed. It was three months old, came up with old numbers, and since then the economy has changed a lot. It became obsolete. Not to mention his idea of ​​setting the exchange rate to $ 103 by 2022, ”he said.

For Millik, “Accounting consistency” was not respected and he argued that the calculations provided by Guzman were “theoretical, empirical product problems”. He also spoke of a “moral problem” in his view. He elaborated on that: “We are going to reject any project that is in deficit from La Libertad Avonza.” He further explained: “If you finance it Deficiency, you are punishing future generations, If you do it Cash affair, seigniorage, and 25 to 30 times more harmful to the most vulnerable. And if you upload Tax, it’s a seizure”.