July 20, 2024

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John Mara, co-owner of the New York Giants, says it “won’t solve the Brian Flores case,” calling the “spurious” interview allegations “false.”

John Mara, co-owner of the New York Giants, says it “won’t solve the Brian Flores case,” calling the “spurious” interview allegations “false.”

PALM BEACH, FL – New York Giants co-owner John Mara has once again vehemently denied allegations brought by a lawsuit from head coach Brian Flores that his organization has accused his organization of giving a “sham” interview and insisted the Giants would not settle in court.

In addition, Mara claimed the organization had not been in contact with New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who the lawsuit says accidentally told Flores he wouldn’t get the job even before he was interviewed.

Flores alleged in the lawsuit that the Giants made their decision to hire Brian Dabol, the white nominee, before he got his chance in front of the team’s officers. Black flores.

Mara insists everything is “wrong”. He says he won’t back down and is confident the Giants went through a thorough and fair process.

“It’s not settled,” Mara said Sunday at the NFL Annual Meetings. “Because the allegations are false. We are very comfortable with our hiring process. It was a fair process and we ended up making our decision based on many factors, none of which had anything to do with race.”

Mara insists that the Giants had no one to communicate their intentions to Belichick during the operation. Mara said he has not spoken to Belichick since the Giants took part in joint training and had a pre-season game with the Patriots over the summer.

Belichick is a former Giants employee (1979-1990) who still has ties to the organization. Former Giants coach, Joe Judge, has helped with the hiring.

Mara doesn’t think it matters.

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“I think the truth will eventually emerge,” he said. “[Belichick] He did not speak to anyone in our establishment. Mara’s nephew, Tim McDonnell, was in contact with Flores throughout the process, according to the lawsuit. He reached out to the former Miami Dolphins coach the day after the judge was fired.

Flores’ text exchange with Belichick says it indicates that the Giants happened before Giants even had personal interviews. Its timing puts Mara and the integrity of the Giants into question.

It’s never fun,” said Mara. “Unfortunately, it’s the price of doing business these days.”

However, it is not a price he is willing to accept.

“That’s wrong,” Mara repeated. “I’ve said time and time again that we have a very thorough process in place. I’ve interviewed some great candidates. And we made our decision based on a lot of factors. [General manager] Atmosphere [Schoen’s] Previous relationship with Brian [Daboll] I definitely got into it. But at the end of the day we thought Brian Dabol was the right fit for us.”

Daboll and Schoen have worked together in Buffalo for the past three years. Schwinn was assistant general manager; Daboll was the coordinator of the Bills’ attack.

Flores has since been hired by the Pittsburgh Steelers as a defensive first assistant and quarterback coach.