June 18, 2024

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Jordan: One dead and 13 injured after truck crashes into caravan of cars

Jordan: One dead and 13 injured after truck crashes into caravan of cars

A bad traffic accident happened last Monday Excitement in Jordan After A truck crashes into a caravan of cars He was going to a wedding who was locked inside a large tunnel at Aqaba.

In a video posted on social media on Wednesday, The large vehicle was moving quietly in the left lane of an avenue moments before it entered the tunnel. After turning to approach the lane, the driver saw a large pile of vehicles.

At first, the driver tried to move the lane, but the caravan occupied both. As a result, he chose to break. But it was already too late. By the speed with which he drove, oscillated between 30 and 60 kmph, It is impossible to stop him in time.

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The moment a truck rammed into a caravan of cars inside the Aqaba Tunnel

The second recording is from a camera mounted inside the truck. He expressed surprise at the driver as he ran into the caravan. The subject began yelling with the intent to “dodge” other cars. After the impact, he can be seen very angry about the situation.

According to the Asian country’s officials, One person was killed and 13 others were injured in the clash. Those who sustained injuries — fractures and bruises were recorded — were quickly treated and recovered from danger.

According to the Jordan Department of Transport, the accident had two causes: The caravan comes to a complete stop in the middle of the tunnel and the truck’s “lack of caution” not knowing there could be vehicles in the tunnel.

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The driver’s reaction in the moments before the collision, which resulted in one death and 13 injuries

Between January and May 2023, A total of around 200 deaths have been reported in Jordan Production of incidents involving all types of vehicles. 99% of these are due to human error. Hence, a call is made to follow traffic rules and be responsible on the road.

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