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She was 48, made a “mistake” in Tinder’s settings and fell in love with a man 23 years her junior.

She was 48, made a “mistake” in Tinder’s settings and fell in love with a man 23 years her junior.

After a heartbreak, Rachel Gaddell, 48, Decided to give love another chance and created a profile Tinder, the popular dating app. However, he never thought he would find love Alex Michael, A young man 23 years younger than her. This unusual and romantic story went viral on social media and they told the newspaper what their relationship was all about Glass.

In September 2020, newly divorced Rachel chatted with a close friend about her situation. During the conversation, his friend She convinced her to try her luck on Tinder, which unleashed an avalanche of news. “I was getting unsolicited photos and I didn’t like them,” recalls Rachel, who was distraught by the experience.

Days passed, and Alex finds Rachel’s profile on the app.. Curious, he decided to send her a contact request. “We started talking and the age question came up. When he said I was 25, I was like, ‘Wow, that’s too young, nothing is going to come of it.‘ commented the woman. Despite his initial doubts, Alex is drawn to Rachel and the connection they form. “I changed my age range on Tinder and matched with her. I thought, ‘Oh my God, he looks good for his age and doesn’t look his age. It’s more than just a pretty face,” Alex added.

Like all couples, they said their relationship was having problems because he was talking to other women. Photo: TikTok.

The connection between them was immediate, and Rachel moved from New York to Texas to meet Alex for the first time.. After dinner, they decided to stay in touch. “In January 2021, I moved to Houston, where Rachel lives. I had a remote job She asked if I wanted to live with her. I got a suitcase and never came back. We lived together that whole year,” Alex revealed excitedly.

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However, their relationship was not without its complications. After living together for five months, Rachel discovers that Alex has been communicating with other women on social media, which led him to consider the possibility of ending the relationship. however, Alex decided to delete his Instagram and Facebook Improve cohabitation and maintain his commitment to Rachel.

The couple decided to share their story on social media from February 2021, initially highlighting their age difference as a unique aspect of their relationship. However, the videos they posted on TikTok Generated criticism and negative feedback. Besides, Alex’s family did not approve of the engagement and did not offer their support. “It’s very difficult for him. They find it strange and That I will handle it Or I’m some kind of sex predator,” Rachel lamented.

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