March 28, 2023

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A young man fell into a ditch and died while trying to take a selfie with his girlfriend

Andrea Mazzetto, 30 years old, He died after falling 200 meters down the gorge When he tried to get his mobile phoneAfter taking one Self portrait with his girlfriend Italy.

On Saturday the young man posed for a photo with his partner Sarah Bragande at a rock-like altar in his hometown of Rotso.

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Although initial reports said he was trying to retrieve his girlfriend’s phone, he later told local media. The young man’s own cell phone He who fell into the pit.

Teams Rescuers managed to reach the spot by helicopter At that time the youth died.

The couple uploaded daily posts of their trip through Italy. (Photo: Sarah Pragante/Instagram)

Before the tragedy, Mazzetto had uploaded photos of him walking with his girlfriend to his Instagram, which has nearly 2,500 followers.

Last selfie taken before the accident: “Our last photo together”

The girlfriend shared the selfie taken minutes before the accident on her social media. “The last photo we took together”, he wrote where they are seen together on top of the Nato altar. The young woman accompanied the post with a tender phrase dedicated to her partner: “You will always be with me, my little bear”.

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His girlfriend remembers him with a photo taken moments before the accident.  (Sarah Pragante/Instagram)
His girlfriend remembers him with a photo taken moments before the accident. (Sarah Pragante/Instagram)

According to local media, the body of the young construction contractor will be buried on Wednesday, the 24th.

The Deadly Selfie: Other Similar Cases

This is not the first time that accidents have occurred while trying to take selfies.

This is the case Joe Snokes, 33 years oldThat Died after falling 30 meters from a cliff in Belgium When trying to take a selfie while travelling.

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Husband Jory Johnson told the media Message Flash Since the pandemic began, the two have devoted themselves to driving around Europe in their van and photographing tourist attractions. However, it was in that holiday environment that the girl met a tragic death.

There was another similar case British student Called Jack Fenton. The 22-year-old was approaching Helicopter Inside Athens He came down from it, when he went He hit his head with knives, as they yelled at him to go back to his place. Fenton was flying back with three friends from a short trip to the nearby town of Mykonos.