April 23, 2024

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France closes nightclubs and bans dancing in bars and restaurants due to the acceleration of COVID-19 infections

Discs alone will not close. From Friday, bars and restaurants across France will be barred from dancing until at least January 6.

As the peak of infections is expected in the coming weeks, the hospital contingency plan has been implemented as the demand for beds in the intensive care units is increasing. The epidemic situation in France, at least for health officials, deserves another round of adjustment to controls to prevent a fifth wave of corona virus infections.

“We have not experienced this since the onset of the epidemic,” the health minister stressed. Olivier Veron. The previous record, about 70,000 infections, comes from the beginning of November 2020.

According to the Minister, If the French have “strict respect for prohibition gestures” and control the crowds, the pollution of this wave can reach its peak “by the end of the month”.

Despite this concern, Health officials also predicted a recession in the development of the epidemic:“We had more than 60% of cases in a week, then 40% increase, now it is 25 to 30%,” they pointed out, calling on the French to “increase daily efforts.”

Seven-day data, which will soften the daily fluctuations and give a basic trend, is also increasing. On Thursday, 6,068 hospitals were registered in a week. For intensive care admissions, the figures were 1,405 patients, up from 1,381 on Wednesday.

The eruption killed 130 hospital patients in 24 hours and caused 56,854 new positives, according to official figures. A total of 120,168 patients have died from Govt-19 since the outbreak began.

With this picture of circumstances, six regions have already been launched White plan in their hospitalsThe minister told French television this Thursday that “this strategy will be nationalized in a few days, as each region launches one after another, including இல்le-de-France.” A device, in particular, enables the scheduling of operations and the reassignment of personnel to critical maintenance services.

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On the other hand, only discos will be forced to close. According to an order issued on Wednesday, dancing in bars and restaurants will be banned until 6pm on Friday, January 6, during the period when nightclubs will have to be closed as part of the new anti-Govt.

The decision is based on research published in the medical journal November The Lancet , The Institute Pastor’s ComCor study was conducted between May 23 and August 13. The discos decided that they were “high-risk areas for transmission” because they were closed areas with poor ventilation, where the corona virus could easily hang in the air, promoting the spread of infections.

Chief Minister Jean Costex I expected the use of the mask to be mandatory by the end of November in all closed spaces in France, even when the Sanitary Health Pass is required. “This night life is very difficult to implement in companies.

Pharmacies, the key to the booster dose

The head of the health department confirmed that pharmacists who “want” to be vaccinated against the corona virus can now open every Sunday in December and January.

“France is one of the countries that uses the most booster vaccines every day. More than 650,000 French people received booster injections yesterday,” he told France 2, adding that “it is important to go fast and strong.” Be in a hurry “

The French government joins the pharmaceutical industry's national strategy, distribution and logistics force to achieve the goal of exceeding vaccine limits.
The French government joins the pharmaceutical industry’s national strategy, distribution and logistics force to achieve the goal of exceeding vaccine limits.

In this way, Veron added the distribution and logistics division to the national strategy to achieve the goal of crossing vaccine limits. Physicians in charge of a pharmacy, by experience and credit, are considered key health actors.

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The French High Health Commission has taken into account data on the effectiveness of the third dose, which is open to everyone over the age of 18 from November 27.

Pfizer said Wednesday that the booster dose of its Govit-19 vaccine may protect against the new Omigron variant, although the initial two doses appear to be significantly less effective.

Laboratory tests by Pfizer and its partner BioNTech showed that a single booster dose increased the level of so-called neutralizing antibodies against Omicron by 25 times.

Open classrooms

The detection strategy for this SARS – Cove-2, As implemented today in all primary schools in France, is not enough to detect the virus and prevent its spread. With this strategy, “the number of children diagnosed positively is still not sufficient,” he explains. Vittoria Collisa, National Institute of Health and Medical Research.

The research system encourages more active screening. Protocol that provides a non-invasive self-verification antigen screening test each week for all children in the class, without waiting for any of them to be found to be positive.

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer wants to open classrooms.  He confirmed the proliferation of home antigen tests and self-examination, a strategy aimed specifically at asymptomatic patients.
Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer wants to open classrooms. He confirmed the proliferation of home antigen tests and self-examination, a strategy aimed specifically at asymptomatic patients.

These “rocking” classrooms will send polluted school students home by keeping them open. Advantage of this protocol: Asymptomatic cases occur more frequently in those under 10 years of age, which justifies repeating a large number of tests. As the rate of infection in children between the ages of 6 and 10 is increasing, this is an important issue: on December 5, it was 988 cases per 100,000 people, 666 cases a week ago and 347 cases two weeks ago.

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“We will return only if there is a new protocol, that is, a negative test. We will close fewer classes than before. At the same time, with many more tests, 6 times more tests,” the education minister confirmed this morning. Jean-Michel Blanker.

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