December 7, 2023

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Lady Gaga gets $500,000 lawsuit over dog bounty

Lady Gaga gets $500,000 lawsuit over dog bounty

lady gaga

He gets $500,000 from the dumped dog bounty suit

lady gaga I just won a legal case over a huge dog reward show a woman was trying to claim – because the judge just told her…you can’t have your stolen cake and eat it either.

According to legal documents, obtained by TMZ, a judge delivered Jennifer McBride‘s sued the singer …in which she was trying to get a court to force Gaga to pay more than the $500,000 reward she had promised to anyone who helped recover her stolen pets in 2021.

One of the main problems with McBride’s lawsuit – she was already convicted in connection with this offense … was the lack of objection to knowingly receiving stolen property, the judge said.

Hizzoner makes it clear in the ruling – saying that allowing McBride to pursue the allegations would “allow her to capitalize on her own admitted wrong.” Lady Gaga called it ridiculous…now, the court agreed. AKA, uh… duh! The judge said McBride will have 20 days to try to amend the complaint, but it is not clear how she could find a way around the ruling.

You will remember… Gaga 2 Frenchmen were kidnapped In plain sight of everyone in Hollywood – taken at gunpoint, no less, and with some injuries inflicted on her by LG’s dog walkers, Ryan Fisher. He was shot at the time and taken to the hospital, but eventually (thank God) he was operated on Full recovery.

Since then her dogs is back …and she didn’t have to pay a cent of the reward.

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