February 3, 2023

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Logical reason why wearing seat belt and driving at speed less than 40 kmph on a route is prohibited.

Against the norm and everything known, there is a hidden path somewhere in the world Seat belts are strictly prohibited there. Even more, it is undesirable because Threatens the safety of passengers. “Why like this?”, “Where?” and “Is such a rule law?” These are some of the questions that arise while learning about this story. However, the reasons are solid and if one day you cross this road, special attention should be paid. and strange regulations to be observed.

along with A frozen path stretches across the frozen surface of the Baltic Sea. Yes, like that. It is a 25 km long road Ice cube. Located in Estonia, it connects the northern European country’s coastline Huma Island And it is one of the longest ice roads on the Old Continent.

However, it is not a common route and it has many peculiarities for the safety of islanders, tourists and workers. First, the Cracks are common currency. The surface tears and when the temperature rises high enough, strength is compromised. However, if the path breaks due to the natural conditions of the area The car sinks very slowly, giving passengers time to walk out.

It is at this point that the strange barrier enters. Use a seat belt Except there it is mandatory everywhere in the world. You have to be fast and pay attention to the road, speed and many other elements and in case of an accident, Get out fast. No time to waste when the cold hits and icy water starts to seep into the vehicle. Fasten your seat belt It takes time and at a given time, the vehicle needs to be evacuated quickly.

It is 25 km long and is one of the six ice roads in Europerove.me

But there is more. When it comes to speed, foreword Always be consistent. Prolonged weight bearing on one area can cause cracks and breaks. This is Driving at a speed of 25 to 40 kmph is prohibited Because “at these speeds, the tires create dangerous vibrations that can crack the surface,” says the BBC. And, yes you can; Besides, too.

Permissible speed;  You cannot go above 70 km/h or below 10 km/h, but you cannot go below 25 to 40 km/h.
Permissible speed; You cannot go above 70 km/h or below 10 km/h, but you cannot go below 25 to 40 km/h.rove.me

Last but not least, there is Two more rules must be followed: Vehicles weighing 2.5 tons are not allowed to use this access road And that is completely illegal Go around the area after sunset. Meanwhile, if the passage is too dangerous for personal taste, the island can be crossed by icebreaker boats sailing parallel to the same destination.

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