August 11, 2022

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The moment the televised debate between the UK’s Conservative candidates was interrupted by a fainting spell

The second debate between British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss. This Tuesday was abruptly interrupted due to a “medical problem” in the television studio. The presenter fainted and fell into the lectern she was using.

Debate organized by newspaper the sun And the new channel talktv, faced Truss and several readers of the Sunak newspaper, Kate McCann, the moderator of the space, suddenly heard a loud noise on the broadcast..

The foreign minister, targeted by the camera, shouted, “Oh my God!” And threw his hands over his face in horror.

then, Boris Johnson, the candidate to unseat the prime minister, approached the presenter, at which point the broadcast was cut off.

News anchor Kate McCann

The discussion was immediately broadcast and a message appeared on the screen: “We regret the interruption of this project.

“We are working hard to fix the problem and will return to regular programming soon.”

Speaker of a group News UK The “Sun” owner told British media that the event was due to a “medical problem” and expressed hope that face-to-face could resume soon.

According to BBCCiting “a well-known source,” The debater fainted and fell into the lectern he had been using.

A spokesperson TalkTV “Kate McCann passed away on air tonight and while she was well, the medical advice was not to continue the debate. We apologize to our viewers and listeners.

McCann joined TalkTV As Political Correspondent for nearly four years as Political Editor Sky News. When he switched media houses, he said many of his colleagues, both on and behind the scenes, “left a good job” to join the company. News UK Because they were “willing to take risks”.

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At the time of the incident, Both candidates were talking about Ukraine in this new fightAfter yesterday’s heated debate at BBC.

It is not yet known whether the broadcast will be able to continue after what happened.

(with information from EFE)

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