November 30, 2022

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Lola Somnales’ crime: Uruguayan judge releases one prisoner

Lola Somnales (NA)

Uruguayan Judge Angel “El Casilla” acquitted MoreroThe guardian who was Lola Somnales was prosecuted for concealing guiltA 15-year-old Argentine man was killed in December 2014 on the beach in Barra de Valisas.

According to the sentence he confessed daily ViewerThat’s the judge Juan Kimines Vera Who liberated “El Casilla” with a critique of the process that Morera faced.

“Morera Martinez’s single voice, on the one hand, describes the most credible facts, contradicts the accumulated evidence, and undermines any serious structure that seeks to hold a person accountable to the Commission with legal certainty. Crime. Listening to what he has to say will be judged by the law of Cervantes.According to the Uruguayan media.

According to Judge Kimines Vera, the lawyer’s doctrine was based primarily on Morera’s statements. It should be noted that the results of psychological, psychiatric and semiological tests revealed that the accused had a personality. Trends such as “mitochondria”, “easily irritated and lose control of their impulses” and “contempt and violation of the rights of others”.

El Casilla ”was detained at the beginning of the trial, but was later released when his DNA matched negatively with the genetic material found in the victim’s bag. However, In his confession before the judge, he stated that he went to the crossroads with Lola and gave her a seal.. Also, she was frightened when she found out that she had “dizziness” and when she was helped, “she had no pulse”.

So, at that time, “El Casilla” was charged and later prosecuted for concealment. With this in mind, lawyer Jessica Pereira in April 2022 demanded 10 years in prison. An action resolved by the judge now acquitted.

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In the acquittal, he considered Giménez Vera to have exposed the unreliability of “El Cachila” with several examples. Thus, according to the sentence, he said at one point that Lola was wearing long pants when she was wearing shorts and that the backpack was actually black when the bubblegum was pink, and that she smoked when the young man did not smoke.

Such a statement lacks arbitrariness and credibility. Morera Martinez picks one dress and chooses another.The magistrate wrote that he understood that by bringing his version closer to the events that had taken place there was no point in harming him again and again.

“In the case of the indictment, in the opinion of the Ministry of Public Works, there is no clear and conclusive relationship between the facts (…) established by Morera Martinez and, in particular, there is no evidence to substantiate it,” the judge concluded: “The decision to be taken is no doubt, but firm. The lack of evidence to conclude that Morera Martinez was responsible for the “closing” offense is convincing. (Leonardo David) Sena Cabrera’s acquittal is the only chance the law will be amended. “.

Lola Luna Somnales
Lola Luna Somnales

Strictly speaking, Sena Cabrera was arrested this year after a genetic investigation into allegations that he committed the crime of Lola. Seven years after the murder, a DNA test found in the victim’s backpack was the key to his arrest. He has been charged with particularly aggravated murder.

Lola’s crime

On Saturday, December 27, 2014, Lola Somnales traveled to Uruguay and stayed at the home of her goddess Claudia Fernandez. The next day, the boy went for a walk on the beach and was not heard from.

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His family immediately lodged a complaint and launched an intensive search. 48 hours later, his body was found in the hills 4 km from his family’s home.

From the autopsy Experts determined that the young woman had multiple stab wounds to her body. Also, it was revealed that the victim died of asphyxiation. To prosecute, she tried to run away when the teenager was attacked, but was caught, not only was she stabbed with a knife but also hit in the head. When she tried to call for help, she died of suffocation as the attackers pressed her face into the sand.

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