March 25, 2023

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Polsanarism annexes Pedro’s Colombia to “communist” countries | Eduardo Bolzano, the son of the far-right president of Brazil

Deputy Eduardo Bolzano, A son of the President of Brazil, posted on his social networks Map of South America In which Colombia was marked with the hammer and sickle symbolFollowing the confirmation of Gustavo Pedro’s victory in the presidential election.

With that symbol, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina are identified on the map, which, with their many nuances, are ruled by left-wing leaders.

“The responsibility of the Brazilian voter is increasing. It is no longer just for Brazil, it is for the whole region,” wrote Bolzano’s son, with a clear reference to the elections in the country next October, in which his father wants to return. Although all polls thus provide Much to the liking of the progressive Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.

In the same vein, Philippe Martின்nez, another adviser to the radical conservative movement that supports Bolsanaro, the Brazilian president’s adviser on international affairs, also expressed himself on social media.

“With continued successes in the Sவோo Paulo forum, facing the progress of the far left in Latin America, our responsibility as Brazilians is greater. May God have mercy on us and give us the environment to protect our country and people.” Paulsanaro Collaborator.

In Sunday’s second round of voting, Pedro won 50.44% of the vote, compared to 47.31% for billionaire businessman Rodolfo Hernandez, who portrayed himself as a foreigner under the umbrella of the Anti-Corruption Governors League movement.