September 26, 2023

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López Obrador’s government bought Mexicana de Aviación: it will be run by the military and have low-cost tickets.

López Obrador’s government bought Mexicana de Aviación: it will be run by the military and have low-cost tickets.

MEXICO CITY.- The Mexican government announced today that it has reached a “historic agreement” with former employees of defunct airline Mexicana de Aviación. Buy the company’s brand for 815 million pesos ($48 million) and pay about $400 million in the coming months to make it fly. The military aviation service will start later this year Army hires 10 planes to cover 20 national routes with cheap tickets Technical and business advice from Boeing

Refound State Airlines – which at the time flew to Argentina – was managed by the military, Low cost The Defense Minister said that ticket sales may start in September. Luis SandovalDuring the President’s daily briefing Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The president, popularly known by his acronym AMLO, had previously expressed his desire to revive the airline with a military administration.

The airline, which requires an initial investment of $4 billion, will initially lease ten Boeing 737-800 aircraft and employ its crew.. Three of these flights will be delivered by the end of September and the remaining seven by the end of October.Sandoval added.

“Today a historic agreement has been reached to achieve justice for more than 7,000 workers Mexican Airlines“Pilots, flight attendants, ground staff, trustees and retirees reached a consensus to sell Mexican brands to the Mexican government,” the interior secretary said.Luisa Maria Alcalde Lujan, In a press conference published on social networks of the Mexican government.

A plane takes off from Mexico City International Airport (Credit: Marco Ugarte/AP)

Mexico City’s new airport, the Felipe Angels -It is built and operated by the military- It is rarely used because it is far from the city center and poorly communicated. The new airline will be headquartered there – the other will be at Tulum Airport, which is being built by the military. From the capital, he plans to fly to some areas Most of the tourist destinations in the country, Like Cancun or Los Cabos.

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The project is a An initial investment of over $250 million, 50% of which will be earmarked for the acquisition of the airline’s “Mexicana de Aviación” brand. Bankruptcy in 2010. Those 50 million will then help compensate the 7,500 workers who were affected, Mayor Lujan said.

According to the military chief, the new airline will enable economy and 209 will create direct employment opportunities. However, he did not clarify whether they were military or civilians. He added that the tickets could be around by “using the structure of the Mexican state.” 20% cheaper than the market.

Lease of ten Boeing 737-800 aircraft Capacity for 180 passengers, That includes crew.

Since President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took office in 2018, he has multiplied the military’s mission and power. The president said on Thursday that all the companies created in the hands of the armed forces do not represent government expenditure, but rather an investment that will benefit Mexico in the long run. .

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