February 29, 2024

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The worst moment for the Colombian vice president leaving his official residence | Viral video marking the beginning of a new era

The worst moment for the Colombian vice president leaving his official residence |  Viral video marking the beginning of a new era

The Variation Between the outgoing government and the incoming government ColombiaBehind The victory of Gustavo Pedro It was revealed last Sunday, this Friday, during a meeting between the former vice president. Martha Lucia RamirezAnd the new vice president, France MarquezAt the official residence.

In the video of a few seconds, you can see how it quickly went viral Francia Marquez greets every housekeeperWith a handshake, Ramirez waits for her to one side, adjusting her hair in an awkward gesture.

“The process of separating the Vice President of the Republic begins. The most telling scene that marks the beginning of a new era: The time has come when no one is aroundHeidi Sanchez Barreto, Bogot’s councilor, tweeted after the video went viral.

That scene created many repercussions Ramirez had to come out to clarify the situation and explain what he had already wished for To the staff before the new vice president comes home. Marquez, for his part, decided not to prolong the discussion and called for peace.

Following the victory of Gustavo Pedro, his visit to Marquez’s official residence has already garnered media attention. A journalist asked him if he was going to start a “tasty life”.Refers to a propaganda slogan linked to his Afro-descendant roots.

If they think I’m already living tasty because they give me the Presidential Palace, they are wrong. That’s part of it Communalism This country if you look from that place. I invite you to think about what it means in the guts of black people. It lives with dignity and guaranteed rights, “said Marquez.

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Born in the village in 1981, a feminist lawyer known as an environmental activist and human rights activist. YolamboLocated in Suarez, a city in the Department of Kaka, in southwestern Colombia. Tunnel It is a major factor in economic bias and social struggles.

“I do not know Social One is affected Historical abandonment. Drinking water, no basic sanitation. No good electrical connection and no good electrical service. Schools are dilapidated, some are six hours from the municipal seat, and there are no roads. People just walk to those placesHe said in a recent interview with the BBC.

After becoming a mother in adolescence, she studied law at the University of Santiago de Gaulle and at the same time developed environmental exposure and forced migration of hundreds of people to her hometown. These problems were the trigger for their social and political militancy: Not only opposed to blind extraction Because mining titles are offered to companies everywhere On the contrary, it has taken over the protection of the environment and human rights affected by the industry.