February 29, 2024

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Is Italy the female president? | The parliamentary system has historically been sexual

From Rome

The chairman of the Chamber of Representatives, Roberto Figo, made the announcement this Tuesday The Italian parliament convenes on January 24 to elect a new president Of the Republic. In Italy, the president is elected by members of parliament (321 senators and 630 delegates) and regions (58), not by popular vote, as in Argentina. However, it is not yet clear who the potential candidates are. Three names will reappear in the list: Current Prime Minister Mario Tracy, Former center-right prime minister Silvio Berlusconi And the current president Sergio Matterella. But for the first time in history, a woman is likely to be elected president.

Born in 1946 after World War II, the Republic of Italy does not have a female president. His Parliamentary system It was so luxurious. Women currently hold half of the positions held by men in both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

It should be noted that a woman who fought in the anti-fascist struggle, such as Nilde Iotti, was one of the first women to enter parliament in 1948 as a deputy. Nilde Iotti, a member of the Italian Communist Party (PCI), was also the first female Speaker of the House of Representatives from 1972 to 1992. He was a candidate for the presidency of the Republic in 1992, backed by his party, Bardito Democratico della Esquerda (PDS ex-PCI). Was elected. There have been other women candidates for the presidency over the decades Emma Bonino Radical party, and Rosa Russo Irvolino, Democratic Party. But they did not come to the office.

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Italian regulations establish that the election of a new president will be held 30 days before the expiration of the mandatory precedent of seven years. The rules also establish that the president must be elected by two-thirds of the total votes in parliament and by regional representatives (673 votes) on the first, second or third ballot. If the fourth ballot is reached because the required number is not reached, an absolute majority is sufficient, i.e. 505 votes.

Current senator and former deputy member Emma Bonino will run again for the presidency. But there is also talk of other women like the current Minister of Justice. Marta Cordobia, Former chairman of the Constitutional Court; Former Minister of Justice and current Vice President of Louis – a prestigious private university – Pavla Severino, And in Maria Elizabeth Casselli, And current chairman of the Senate Forza Italia de Berlusconi.

The far right of Fratelli de Italia Apparently thatI would like to promote the candidacy of Leticia Moratti, Former Minister of Education and former Mayor of Milan. On the other hand, the center-left, former Senate Speaker Anna Finocchiario or former Health Minister and former Vice President Rosie Bindi will be in favor of other candidates.

However, the question many ask is whether Italy, a country with even more pronounced differences between men and women (e.g. at the labor level and the salaries of some companies) is ready to be a female president. Fortunately, what is happening in many European countries is that awareness of women’s responsibility and competence helps some. This is the case in Germany, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Slovakia, where there are currently no female prime ministers or presidents, until recently.

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Being president in Italy does not have the same role as in Argentina. The ruler of Italy is the Prime Minister. But still The president is the one who decides and coordinates the parties during a government crisis and calls for new elections if necessary.

Candidate men

Of the three most nominated candidates in recent days, Berlusconi, Drake y MatterellaTragi, a former chairman of the European Central Bank and known to the European Union as his home, is the best candidate for many who have praised his work as an independent co-ordinator during this terrible historical period of epidemic in Italy and around the world. But others think he wants to be prime minister, especially as right-wing factions cannot wait to run for his people or call for new elections. Berlusconi was nominated by his own party, Forza Italia, but in principle supported by Madio Salvini’s La Liga. But according to some versions, the far-right of the Fradelli d’Italia, led by Georgia Meloni, have serious doubts about the candidacy.

Matterella’s re-election was proposed by the Five Star Movement (M5S), while there did not appear to be a single candidate in the left center. The Democrats seem to want to promote the candidacy of Paulo Gentiloni, who is currently the European Commissioner for Economic Affairs. Other left-wing parties prefer Pierre Luigi Perzani, a former minister in several center-left governments and a former secretary general of the PD who left in 2017.

Voting in Parliament will begin at 3 p.m. The corona virus caused 170,000 infections and 259 deaths on Tuesday. Perhaps voters will be able to enter the polls at a pre-arranged time and only for the time required to write the name of the person who cast their ballot and cast their ballot at the ballot box.

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