May 28, 2023

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“Machista” Capitalism, CEOs of America and the Constitution | How the red circle is reorganized after the new economic minister takes office

Sergio Massa’s arrival at the Economy Ministry created important movements at the base of economic power, shaken by the decision of the Frente de Todos to fire his predecessor and technical staffer Martin Guzmán to give power and management to a politician. Most entrepreneurs have known for years. But Massa walking through the red circle is not a good walk On the contrary, it is a toy that shows support, some strong rejections and a path that integrates many puzzles, to subdue the sectors that efficiently handle the times of its management and betrayal.

On the current map, Massa already has a well-armed national bourgeoisie that has come with him. There are many professions Daniel Vila and Jose Luis Manzano and banker Jorge Brito, the current owner of Banco Macro and chairman of River. All three, in addition, almost preach the minister’s word along with other CEOs. Brito has been on a very frosty relationship with Guzmán, which today has turned into an improvement in bonding. Meanwhile, Manzano, Menem’s former minister and current head of several institutions, including energy and investment funds, had a strong role in the meeting of the Secretariat’s teams led by Dario Martínez. He was the one who asked the most for Federico Bernal, who went into hydrocarbons. Another, well-known fact is that the current Secretary of Energy, Flavia Ryan of Salta, worked for more than ten years at the Bermejo refrigerators owned by the Brito family.

Another strong change is occurring in the Industrial Union (UIA). There the production secretary, Jose Ignacio de Mendigueren, rebuilds connections and damaged terminals with Tekind and president Daniel Funes de Rioja. The latter chatted directly with Massa, who put several people on the phone to order storm nozzles. After Massa’s arrival, recent history says. Paolo Rocca, owner of Techkind, the perception that Mauricio Macri, who he sees as almost the only opposition bloc, has the technical ability to govern in the next round is beginning to spread. He’s not alone: ​​a top business leader recently told a gathering. Fortunately without many dynamism or goals, Massa made the company think. In another case, the Federation of Agriculture (FAA) president Carlos Achetoni, in a private meeting, asked not to be a candidate in 2023. In an interview with Futurock in the last hours, the link table member promised. “The opposition does not contribute to the progress of the people”, and considered that Massa could do so if he were not a candidate.

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Rockefeller, Negroponte and Stanley

This support of the UIA was strongly felt in the way Massa armed himself at the American Council meeting at the Hotel Alvier last week. There he interacted with six (UIA, Chamber of Commerce, Construction, Stock Exchange, National Banks and Rural Association) leaders. But the council left Massa with few visible signs of how some sectors will play out. From the entourage of the US Ambassador, Mark Stanley, they paid more attention than the opposition to the demand to weaponize politics now, not before the election, to take weight off that call. But beyond Massa’s lines with America, one businessman there described him perfectly: “America is neither bad nor good, it is America.” That text proves that the minister had no place of purchase.

The council has a visible face, and that is Susan Segal. Historical connections with Christina Kirchner, known in 2012 to arrange a tour of Houston for former minister Amato Boudo to explain why Argentina nationalized YPF. But Segal, who has led the council since 2003 and is a director of companies such as Miguel Caluccio’s oil company Mercado Libre, Scotiabank and Vista Oil, is the pioneer of one of the world’s two most important US lobbying poles. with the politics of that country. Some data.

The American Council was the brainchild of banker David Rockefeller, who knew how to fund coups across the region. Segal’s Second Heavyweight Man: Reference John Dimitri Negroponte. Born in London, the oil tycoon has worked in the US government’s foreign affairs since the 1970s and is a former CIA. In the 1970s and 1980s, when he was ambassador to Honduras, he led part of the “Contras” operations in Nicaragua. Then, after the attacks on the Twin Towers in 2001, George Bush Jr. sent him to Iraq. Anecdotal data shows that the Council, along with The Americas Society, is more than business representation. Therefore, anything that happens in this context should not be read as an isolated gesture. And this is a fact that reflects Massa’s comparative management of the American situation.

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Field and new entrepreneur chat

The Council of Commerce and Industry (Cicyp) has become one of the most important business centers today. Until a few weeks ago, it was headed by Funes de Rioja and previously former UIA, Miguel Acevedo and Eduardo Eurnekian, Corporación America. But now Massa will have a problem there. The new president is Marcos Pereda Born, vice president of the Rural Society. “There’s going to be a twist,” said one person familiar with the fabric. Pereda was one of the hardliners in the anti-Peronist camp He was the most important funder of former governor Maria Eugenia Vidal’s campaign.

Pereda Barn came to the rural authority in the hands of former minister Macri, Luis Miguel Etchevehere, and part of the sector that does not want to negotiate with the government. A tribunal that mounts to the minister.

On the other hand, while the WhatsApp group Nuestra Voz was hacked, another one of a certain nature developed. Sources cited in part Page I12 It is called “Constituia” and brings together chief executives who believe that “it is time to promote the values ​​of the national constitution”. Those values, according to those there, are “economic and political freedom.” Some of its creators are still playing together for a change, among them ex-FIAT, Cristiano Ratazzi; Gonzalo Tanoira from Citrícola San Miguel, Ricardo “Ticky” Smith Estrada, meat producer and director of SRA, and Agustin Otero Monsecur.