February 1, 2023

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Russian intelligence services release video of alleged murder of daughter of “Putin’s guru”.

rome- The Russian Security Services (FSB) released a video showing the movements of Natalia VoghUkrainian Woman Named Assassin by Kremlin Daria Dougina.

As can be seen in the video – TASS news agency writes – the woman, along with her daughter, entered Russia on July 23 after a customs check.”.

The video also shows footage of Dukina entering the condominium and leaving Russia for Estonia. She was photographed with her daughter at the border on August 21 at 12:02 pm.

“His car, as broadcast images show, is completely searched,” but Vovk manages to cross the border, Russian media said. Ukraine denies any involvement And the FSB’s allegation has yet to be verified by a third party.

Russian intelligence has released a video of the alleged killer

The FSB today accused Ukrainian secret services of killing Dukina.

Dukina, the father of the famous ideologist Alexander Dukin, died on Saturday night. A suspected bomb exploded Russian investigators said the Toyota Land Cruiser he was driving. Ukraine has denied involvement.

The FSB said it carried out the attack Vovk is a Ukrainian girl born in 1979.

Daria Dukina and Alexander Dugin

He said the woman and her teenage daughter arrived in Russia in July and spent a month preparing for the attack by renting an apartment in the same building and exploring Tukhina’s lifestyle, according to the FSB report.

At an event outside Moscow on Saturday night that Dukina and her father attended, the report said the man fled Russia to Estonia before setting off a “controlled explosion” in Dukina’s car. FSB.

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Vovk may have used his daughter to cover up the crime. “One theory is that he may have placed a bomb in Dukina’s car with the help of the girl,” a Russian service source said.

There was no immediate response from Kyiv to the FSB report.

Daria’s father, Alexander Dugin, was a radical nationalist ideologue who advocated violence to unify the Russian-speaking and other territories into a vast new Russian Empire.

Daria Dougina
Daria DouginaTwitter

Appearing regularly on Russian state television, Daria is a broad supporter of her father’s views and what Russia calls his “special military operation” in Ukraine, which Kiev and the West call an imperialist-style war of conquest.

In his first telegram post after the attack, Dugin said that “the enemies of Russia cowardly killed her, and Daria never provoked violence and war.”Reproduced by Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

“Everyone knows – says Dukin’s message in Telegram – after the terrorist attack Ukrainian Nazi regimeOn August 20, my daughter Darya Dukina was brutally murdered while returning from a traditional festival near Moscow. An explosion before my eyes”.

“She was a beautiful Orthodox woman, a patriot, a military correspondent, an expert on central issues and a philosopher. Her speeches and stories were always deep, grounded and moderate.

Alexander Dugin
Alexander DuginFrancesca Ebel – AB

He never incited violence and war. He was a rising star early in his journey. Enemies of Russia secretly killed her…”, he elaborated.

“But our people – continues the philosopher – cannot be defeated even by such unbearable blows.”

Dukin’s influence in Russia and his closeness to President Vladimir Putin have been subject to speculation.

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Some Russian observers attribute her significant influence on Moscow’s foreign policy, helping to lay the intellectual foundation for Putin to pursue a more aggressive and expansionist foreign policy. Others say it has little impact and influence. The 60-year-old never held an official position in the Kremlin.

Dugin did not respond to questions emailed Sunday to an address on the website of the International Eurasian Movement, which he founded.

Meanwhile, Putin expressed his condolences to Dugin today. “Dear Alexander Gelievich and Natalia Viktorovna, please accept my sincere condolences and words of support for the heavy and irreparable loss you have suffered,” the note, which was picked up by official Russian news agencies, said.

Along with the speech, Putin lamented that “a terrible and heinous crime has broken the life of Daria Dukina,” whom the president remembered as “brilliant” and “with a true Russian heart” in her odd job as a journalist. Scientist or philosopher. “He has shown what a patriot is,” he added.

ANSA and Reuters agencies