June 18, 2024

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Macri had lunch with the ambassadors of the seven major Western powers and talked about the elections

Macri had lunch with the ambassadors of the seven major Western powers and talked about the elections

An elaborate lunch organized at the German diplomatic headquarters in the Belgrano neighborhood led to a talk in which the national situation and future occupied central places. Former President Maurizio Macri This afternoon the ambassadors of the G-7 participated in a meeting with representatives of the seven industrialized Western powers.

According to sources close to the former president, despite strict silence about what was discussed between his protagonists, Macri “shared his view on the world situation, the region and the country’s political and economic news.” with Fulvius PompeoInternational Relations Secretary and National Deputy of PRO Cornelia Schmidt-LiermanMacri said the opposition coalition was “ready” for the 2023 election, in which he would try to return to power, and that there was “no talk” of his possible candidacy, and yes, as a way to settle Paso. Application between extremists and macros.

As they tasted a starter of goat cheese salad, prawn gnocchi, meat with asparagus and a chocolate dessert, they listened to Magri. Ulrich Sande (Ambassador of Germany), Diplomats Mark Stanley (United States of America); Claudia Scherer-Efos (France); Christine Hayes (United Kingdom); Fabrizio Lucendini (Italy); Read Sirs (Canada) and Shimada Kenji (Japan).

In an atmosphere of “friendship” described by one of the Argentinian restaurateurs, Macri answered questions about “the world, the region and Argentina” with a critical view of the government, with a reason he usually shares in public. Alberto Fernandez Its relations with many of its international partners, such as Russia, Venezuela or Cuba.

According to witnesses, he told them that he was “ready for what’s coming” as one of change, an apparent reference to next year’s elections and his doubts about “how to lead” at this stage. Serge Massa On his first full day as Finance Minister. The incident between the US and China over the war in Ukraine, the congresswoman’s trip Nancy Pelosi Taiwan also had a place in the conversation.

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During the meeting, Macri reiterated to diplomats (many of them European) his commitment to the European Union-Mercosar agreement, which was signed in the final months of the Cambiemos administration, but still pending effective application.

Since leaving the presidency at the end of 2019, Macri has been active on the international stage. Not only because of his commitments to the FIFA Foundation, but also because of his connections with former presidents Donald Trump, whom he met in America. He already knew many diplomats, such as Stanley, Scherer-Ebbos and Lucentini, with whom he had previously shared talks.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Sande shared a photo and a brief comment on the meeting through the social network Twitter, not forgetting the suggestive detail: sweeping the presidential palace at the head. Santiago cafieroLunch with a former president is a formal way to “inform” about the realization.