September 26, 2023

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Massa and Kicillof | Under the umbrella of CFK, economic tables meet both officials and their technical teams

Massa and Kicillof |  Under the umbrella of CFK, economic tables meet both officials and their technical teams

On an almost weekly basis, the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and the Governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kisillof, meet to chat and discuss the economic agenda, which in recent times has had an almost monopolistic print. stabilization. According to sources who closely follow the rivalries Page I12, the officials, who have maintained a more fluid link since before Massa’s arrival at the Treasury, established a dialogue table that included his economic committees. Their reading of this dynamic is that it is a phenomenon that arises under the umbrella of Trico Native’s conversation with Vice President Christina Kirchner. Much has been made of the political consensus of the parties of all fronts after the succession of Martín Guzmán. Before this, according to the participants, this did not happen precisely because they considered that the former minister maintained an administration that focused on decisions (they are always the final word of ministers with political weight) but prevented events. Advice and recommendations, closing the circle of a person.

Two scenarios are used for encounters. Formal meetings where specific agreements or matters are signed are held at Massa’s offices in the Ministry. But most, like last week’s dinner, take place in ministerial offices 850 Liberator Avenue. Naturally, these talks include agreements, differences, and consensus on some common issues, but the idea of ​​the table is to share considerations, solutions, and contributions.

They are part of the same, on the side of Massa, the Secretary of Domestic Trade, Matías Tombolini; Chairman of the Consultants, San Juan Leonardo Madgur; and Secretary of Production, Jose Ignacio de Menticuran, among others. Kisiloff, meanwhile, is usually accompanied by production chief Augusto Costa; Juan Cuattromo, President of Banco Province; Christian Girard, Executive Director of ARBA and Minister of Finance Pablo Lopez. Some of them have private meetings outside of the large gatherings of Kisilof and Massa. A case in point is the case of Costa and Tombolini: “They have a permanent bilaterality”, describe those familiar with the dynamics. The two talked a lot about prices, a key concern of the entire government of Massa, Kisilof and CFK.

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Literally, the basket Price observation Closed until January, cut to 450 most essential products with a halving of inflation and firm inspections and supply monitoring. Tombolini has always wanted to recreate the care model developed by Costa and Kisilof when they were CFK officials.

While the most recent dinner discussed developments in the IMF, US political support, and the exchange rate issue, the focus was on prices. There, Massa and Kicillof agree on something, they both don’t want to go to the freeze of variables, because the exit scenario of that project will be worse than the current one. “You have to make progress on macroeconomics, fiscal stabilization, and then order price.”. In this context, they refer to the 2014 model, which appeared with a stable macro front and a strong negotiation, so that they agree on prices with training companies. They also assume that near massa, the scheme will produce a gradual and steady decline in inflation. The minister’s bishops are aiming to achieve next year with a stabilized CPI of around 3 or 4 per cent per month. Today, that situation remains statistically positive, with inflation running steady at 7 points or slightly lower, with the INDEC expected to be released this Friday for CPI for September.

But according to reports from both sides, the frenzy of negotiating tables to solve the inflation problem will continue, so that wages beat prices, and in addition, the sectors most affected by food increases stop making losses.