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“Mi baby fiu fiu”, a parody hit that brought glamor to the former president dismissed for corruption | In Peru, Martin Vizcarra restarts her life with her alleged lover’s leak

“Mi baby fiu fiu”, a parody hit that brought glamor to the former president dismissed for corruption |  In Peru, Martin Vizcarra restarts her life with her alleged lover’s leak

From Lima

Former president Martin Vizcarra, who became “My Baby Feu Feu” is seeking to relaunch his political persona in an attempt to return to Peru’s presidency. With the massive success of this latest musical theme that has him as the central protagonist on everyone’s lips, the former president capitalized on the popularity of a song released to mock him. The fun of his personal life, he wants to attack him by influencing the alleged infidelity, but in the unpredictable Peruvian politics can help him in the presidential candidacy that he has started to develop. Everyone talks about “baby fiu fiu” so they talk about Vizcara. When he appears in public they shout at him “baby feu feu” and want to take pictures with him. Vizcara smiles and propagandizes.

“Chocolate candy

Soak me like this

Like the Showcase Pionono

Roll me like this

Sweeten me with powdered sugar

And you are my king

How beautiful you are

you are my baby

My baby few few”

When Spotify Plays released in the first week of July and went viral on Tik Tok, the music started taking off. The letter mentions Some news that the former president, who is married with four children and allegedly a lover, was revealed by a television show. The invasion of Vizcarra’s privacy by revealing the news was intended to leave him in a bad mood, burying the possibility of his return to the forefront of national politics, but the effect has begun to backfire. The musical parody of that betrayal has given the former president a significant boost in popularityPlaced in background with pumped image Allegations of corruption and secret vaccination Against covid 19 when he was president.

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Personal conversations

At the end of May, in the midst of a serious political crisis, a television report devoted long minutes to accusing Vizcarra of having a mistress. The intention was clear: to discredit him and bury his future political pretensions. The report leaked private conversations between the former president and his alleged lover. In one of those private chats, former Congress candidate Sulli Binchi writes to Viskara: “You don’t know how much I miss you. You are my child and my king. The former president sends him a photo and Binchi replies: “Fiuuu, fiuuu”. That’s where “My Little Baby Few Few” was born. With memes taking over social networks. In April 2021 elections, Binchi ran unsuccessfully for Congress for the center-right party Somos PeruThe same group that ran and elected former President Lima to Congress in those elections could not win his seat because Congress disqualified him for vaccination.

A few days after those private conversations were released, music producer Tito Silva tried to capitalize on the rapid popularity of “mi baby fiu fiu” by taking parts of those conversations and adding them to some phrases from a poem he had written a few years ago. Previously written by Julie Pinchey — from the poem “The Nights I Dreamed of You” comes expressions like “chocolate candy” or “roll me like powdered sugar in a showcase pionone” — to compose the lyrics of a song, of course, she named “My Few Few Baby.” He composed Eminem’s ‘Stan’ without any plagiarism issues. Within days the song “mi baby fiu fiu” went viral. Famous people from the show like Bad Bunny talked about the song. It became a musical hit of the moment. So Vizcarra positioned himself at the center of the national stage. If the goal was to make fun of him, they popularized a political character who was going through his worst moment.

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Vizcarra unexpectedly became the President until March 2018, a day before his 55th birthday. He was not elected by popular vote and became head of state after the resignation of the then president Peter Paul Kuczynski, who was his deputy. Kuczynski, a business executive very close to major economic power groups and transnational corporations, won the 2016 elections and resigned from the presidency amid corruption allegations related to a mega-scandal at a Brazilian construction company before serving two years in government. Otbrecht. Vizcarra assumed the presidency without his own political party and without a parliamentary bench to support him – he had applied for the vice presidency as an independent invited by Kuczynski – and his government began in a fragile state. However, it was able to bolster itself with the popular support it achieved in the face of a Fujimori-controlled parliamentary majority dedicated to curbing corruption and creating instability.

At war with Fujimori

Vizcarra’s battle with Fujimori and Congress culminated in September 2019 when, using powers granted by the constitution, he dissolved the unanimous parliament and called new legislative elections. His popularity reached 80 percent. In a serious political error, Vizcarra did not field candidates in the new legislative elections and his weakness lay in the new Congress, which was polarized into a dozen benches, with various right-wing forces forming a majority. The new Congress maintained its opposition to Vizkara and rejected him in November 2020, citing moral incapacity. Basically the allegation arose Vizcarra was accused of taking bribes to deliver public works when he was governor of the small region of Mokugua. Between 2011 and 2014. The complaint is still under investigation by the prosecutor’s office.

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Vizcarra was voted out of the presidency with a high level of popularity, around 70 percent, but a few months later it became known that he had been secretly vaccinated against Covid-19 when his government did not buy vaccines. In a country hit hard by the pandemic — Peru has the highest per capita death rate from Covid in the world — the vaccine scandal was a severe blow to Vizcarra’s credibility and image. Despite this, in 2021 Lima will be enough if he is elected to Congress, but Parliament removed him from the presidency a few months ago, disqualifying him for being secretly vaccinated.

Disabled and his image badly affected by vaccination, Vizcarra faded into the background until “The Baby Few Few” relaunched his popularity. Vizcarra took advantage of this moment to reappear in public events and launch his intentions to run for the presidency. You have started the process of registering your own political party. “Baby Few Few” strikes again. Presidential elections are still in 2026, but with the instability of the Pedro Castillo government, bringing the elections forward has not been ruled out.