March 4, 2024

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Milei did not consider the government’s directive to be an achievement

Milei did not consider the government’s directive to be an achievement

It’s been months since it started Covid Cessation has ceased to occupy the center of Argentina’s concerns and that reality is reflected in this Vaccination statistics. Despite official indications, there are very few people who respect Argentina today, three years after the first dose arrived in the country. Immunization schedule.

As a result of this “forgetting”, there are more at this time 14 million vaccines. The stock had been growing since before the end of the Kirchnerist government Almost half That amount (47.9 percent) is found in the province of Buenos Aires. What is their expiry date is not mentioned.

Looking at the Public Vaccine Monitor, on average 3,500 doses per day. At that rate, it would take 4,050 days, or 11 years, to use these vaccines. Obviously, there is no vaccine that lasts that long. It remains to be seen what the target of any ultimate surplus will be.

As far as he knows Clarion, the last batches of bivalent vaccines entered the country last spring. This year they entered 4.1 million doses From Pfizer between January and March. When presented by Moderna 2 million doses, with the last batch due in September. The remaining 6 million are previous deliveries.

Following the mandate of Javier Millay’s new administration, the provinces’ record share was consolidated upon his inauguration. As reported to this media, the Ministry of Health appointed the agencies responsible for the logistics on December 12. A new national distributionSince then This Thursday was held in various districts of the country.

In the province of Buenos Aires, just 3 percent of people over 50 had been vaccinated in the past six months. Photo: Marcelo Carroll

Around the end of 2023, the number of cases registered this year 96,684 and deaths, 485. The difference with 2022 is huge: even in times of epidemics (the WHO decreed its decision on May 5) it was in the country at the same time of the year. 3,874,394 cases And 12,340 people died.

Ironically, the death toll recorded this year is high: 0.54 percent and 0.31 Percentage of 2022. However, the difference is explained by the fact that thousands of Covid cases were mild and local and overlapped outside the healthcare system. Many times, even without medical attention.

Returning to the Buenos Aires report, A huge deficit Vaccination occurs in a group of Buenos Aires residents over 50 years of age: “The total number of vaccinated is 5,135,502. Among them, the 96.86 percent “They received their last reinforcement more than 6 months ago,” recounts the district’s latest epidemiological bulletin. That is, only Just 3 percent Got a dose last half year.

38 percent of the country’s population lives in the province of Buenos Aires. People over 50 years of age, pregnant women, and immunocompromised people should remember to receive the primary dose of 2 or 3 doses. A booster every 6 months.

Vaccine 2023 - Covid

“In the under-50 age group, the total number of people vaccinated was 11,320,813. 93.84 percent “He received his last reinforcement more than 1 year ago,” the report added.

“When analyzing the time elapsed since the last dose for those under 50, most of the last uses of the Covid-19 vaccine in this group were concentrated between November 2021 and February 2022,” they explain. .

So far, they have been distributed in the provinces, according to the General Vaccination Monitor 130,832,992 levels Against Covid, in which 116,655,486 applied. That is, 1 are available4,177,506 dose.

Registration of Accumulated Medicines in Argentina, whose fate is uncertain If the population continues to have low demand for vaccines, even during pandemics, other countries will not be able to escape the reality. By February 2022, Europe is already preparing to destroy 55 million expired doses, when doses are difficult to obtain in underdeveloped countries.

A measure used by some countries to avoid numerous conflicts Dose donation. Argentina delivered just over 5 million doses of that target, with the bulk going to Bolivia and others to Vietnam, the Philippines, Mozambique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, Barbados, Kenya and Angola.