December 1, 2023

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More senior Uruguayan officials have resigned amid a political crisis over the granting of a passport to drug lord Marchet.

More senior Uruguayan officials have resigned amid a political crisis over the granting of a passport to drug lord Marchet.
Ministers who resigned after the scandal related to the Marchet case: Luis Alberto Heber (Interior) and Francisco Bustillo (Foreign Relations) (EFE/ Raúl Martínez)

(From Montevideo, Uruguay) President of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle PouHe found out when he arrived Washington A political scandal broke out in Uruguay. The revelation of the conversation between the President of the country, Francisco Bustilloand Vice-Chancellor, Carolina AcehAn investigation into the issuance of a passport to a drug trafficker showed that the government tried to avoid giving information. Sebastian Marcet.

Wednesday night – during the day Search released the audios -, Bustillo resigned from his post and the rest of the results are expected this Saturday, the day Lacalle Pou returns from America. so, Tonight the President announced other layoffs to the government: of Interior Minister Luis Alberto Heber, his Deputy Minister Guillermo Maciel and Presidential Communications Adviser Roberto Lafluff.

At the press conference, Lacalle Pou announced, the current Minister of Industry, Omar Paganini, will be the new president. He will be in charge of Home Affairs Nicholas Martinelli, the current number three in that portfolio. The undersecretary is Pablo Abdala, who until a week ago was the director of the Juvenile Education Institute.

Uruguay’s President, Luis Laquel Poe (REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian)

Elisa FazioHe is currently the third in charge of the portfolio in the Ministry of Industries.

Lacalle Pou explained that Bustillo tendered his resignation that same Wednesday to “free the government.” Heber and Maciel offered him their position, which the President accepted. “I have peace of mind that they know how to protect their honor and their person in court,” LaCal Bowe said.

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The President said that passports should be issued because of the establishment of a decree. “Passport should be given. No chance of drug trafficking or anything else. It shall be provided in accordance with the law and existing orders”, assured Lockall.

Asked at the conference if Uruguay was facing an institutional crisis, Lacalle Pou replied that they had a “political problem” that they had resolved. “Political Solution”. If it was an institutional crisis, he explained, the resolution would be outside the “springs of democracy and the Constitution.” Then, during the last Broad Front government, in 2017, the president recalled that he defined the resignation of then-Vice President Raul Sentic in that way.

A Uruguayan passport issued to Marcet allowed the drug trafficker to leave Dubai, where he was arrested for submitting false documents. The Uruguayan document allowed him to travel to Turkey, allowing him to escape justice for almost two years.

Industry minister, Omar Paganini, is Uruguay’s new president (EFE/Raúl Martínez)

In broadcast audio, Bustillo tells the vice principal to lose his cell phone So unknown was the conversation he had with Maciel, which warned him that Marset was one “Dangerous and Serious Drug Trafficking.”

The message contradicts the argument adopted by the government to explain the issuance of passports. Ache had said that no one had warned him who Marcette was. The She was the first to leave her post.And he did so after losing favor with his political circle.

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Lafluff, Lacalle Pou’s counsel has also been linked to an attempt to withhold information. In one of the chat broadcasts, he claimed to have destroyed a notary document in the Foreign Ministry file that contained Maciel’s message to Aceh. Besides, Called the Vice-Chancellor for a meeting In the Executive Tower, on the same floor as the President’s Office.

At this Saturday’s conference, Lacalle Pou said he did not participate in the meeting and only stopped by to say hello.

During Saturday, President Lacalle Pou held several meetings at the Presidential Palace. He now received the former ministers Heber and Maciel, then the leaders of the coalition of government parties and finally, the leader of the Frente Amplio. Fernando PereiraThe main opposition party.