April 23, 2024

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More than 50 people have died in a landslide in San Pablo Beach

More than 50 people have died in a landslide in San Pablo Beach

The political and legal ramifications of the tragedy are swirling How the establishment of neighborhoods at risk locations was implementedOr: Owners of mansions and businesses on exclusive Mauricias Beach — a major surfing hub in Sao Paulo — recently protested the construction of low-income housing to evict favelas from the hillsides.

The government also condemned it A landslide warning has been issued for four years And regional governments’ plans to evacuate people have not been carried out.

Most of those who died in São Sebastião were people who lived and established luxury tourism services there. Dangerous houses in the mountains.

Last Sunday, within 24 hours, municipalities Sao Sebastiano, Upadupa, Caraguatuba, Ilhabela and Pertioga received More than 600 mm of rainThat’s double what was expected in February.

They were the heaviest rains in Brazil’s history, according to records fueled by winds from the highlands and the Atlantic Ocean.

Rain Brazil.jpg

Landslides and rain broke stretches of three highways connecting São Paulo’s northern coast with the nearby major cities of São Paulo, Santos and São José dos Campos.

A strategic highway connecting Rio de Janeiro with the Port of Santos andIt is destroyed in many places.

President’s Government Luis Inacio Lula da Silva It sent $11.2 million in aid and reconstruction, and deployed the navy’s largest aircraft carrier in the port of São Sebastião to serve as a medical care center and provide food to the population.

The Governor of Sao Paulo, Darcio de Freitas, agreed Alert system via text messages to cell phones failed That is why he protected Use of sirensAs is already the case in other areas with landslide tragedies, such as Petropolis in Rio de Janeiro state, where 216 people died from rain in January 2022.

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There are 4 million people, said Integration and Regional Development Minister Valdes Goes. Brazil lives in danger zones Former President Jair Bolsonaro’s administration has scaled back the budget to attend to emergency and disaster prevention efforts.

The southeastern part of Brazil—São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, and Espirito Santo—records the tropical rainy season from December to March.