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Big Brother 2022: Rodolfo’s controversial advice to Nacho, they may be let off the hook for it

Big Brother 2022: Rodolfo’s controversial advice to Nacho, they may be let off the hook for it
Nacho’s father instructed his son to use the hat

The entry of relatives into the Big Brother house completely changed the dynamics of the game. It’s only been four days since they entered Camilla Camardaelder sister Juliet Poggio, Fabianson-in-law Romina; Florencetwin sister Camilla; Gladys, Lucilla’s mother; Loversister Marcos and RodolfoDad Nacho.

Of the original six, four remain so far after Fabian and Florencia left. As the public decides who is the winner – one wins a motorcycle for himself, another wins a motorcycle for his relative, and they use every second to take home every moment, guaranteeing leadership of the week and consequent immunity. Out of their strategies.

If he had already attracted attention with his presence in Kalas since he entered the house, Rodolfo Castanares Bose Caught all eyes. The 52-year-old stylist and actor, also dedicated to personal training, was charmed by her Spanish accent after a long stint in the mother country and moved on with her life story, in which she was widowed at a young age and started. A family with another man. It culminated the next day, when driver Santiago del Moro asked relatives to find the contents of the box they entered.

Rodolfo took the initiative and said that he had brought something very important to his son. When he took a photo, Nacho started crying and his father, moved by the sight, said it was a talisman. “A picture of him with his mother when he was little. Then I came up with something very representative, a butterfly, so she has it in her room, it belongs to our house, and it’s always been at our Christmas parties. In addition, I have another photo that tells of a very special moment. We lived in Madrid, his mother and I disagreed on the war against Iraq, we rejected and went to a demonstration, and we took a photo. “I also brought him trinkets, which we call Nacho’s favorite sweets,” he concludes.

Rodolfo’s Surprises for Nacho (Big Brother. Telefe)

As the hours went by, Rodolfo’s profile rose. With the raw material of knowing what was happening outside, he advised his son in the game and started playing harder and harder. Recently they had a conversation on the edge of regulation, which prevents any information from leaking beyond the walls of the house.

As father and son beat the heat in the pool, Rodolfo begins to encourage Nacho to use one of the weapons most feared by all participants: the withering appointment. Until now, this tool has only been used by Giulietta towards Camilla, in a strategy to split the waters, as it directly affects Daniela’s departure and breaks the alliance they formed with Romina.

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“I’ll use the hat already. Because there’s nothing left, you know? No plates,” Rodolfo suggested to his son, who was relaxing on one of the lounge chairs across from the pool. “It’s a game, you have to use it. Don’t be greedy,” listening to his son, he didn’t make any comment or reaction. Wady, it’s worth remembering, sends the participant directly to the recommended plate and cannot be saved by the leader of the week.

At that point, the transmission’s audio cut to a general view of the pool. Immediately, the networks took notice and warned Juliet’s wadi was still fresh, a violation of regulation. Considering how badly it had gone indoors, they warned that the stylist’s words might tempt their son to use the most terrifying tool. At this time, Big Brother is not ruling on the matter and there is time to think about it because there will be no elimination gala this Sunday and the victory of the cousins ​​will be decided.

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