June 4, 2023

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He knelt for 20 hours to apologize to his ex-partner, but everything ended badly

There are instances of romantic people doing crazy things to prove their intentions. However, the intensity with which these activities are carried out They border between romantic and ridiculous.

This is a man’s case He spent more than 21 hours on his knees begging his ex-girlfriend for forgiveness and giving her a second chance. The story went viral on social networks and elicited all kinds of reactions from users, who left their comments in the publication’s comment box.

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He knelt for 21 hours and went viral

Obviously, The incident took place in Dazhou, China. The country’s media recorded the awkward moment, commenting that even heavy rain did not move the man involved from where his ex-girlfriend allegedly worked.

According to South China Morning PostThis young man did this out of love His partner is done with him. However, “His showThe woman was not interested in reconsidering her decision, to no avail.

In the pictures you can see him with a flower plant, he came. While it didn’t come as much of a surprise at first, as hours went by, Passers-by, somewhat bewildered, began to notice that his attitude was not normal.

He knelt down for 21 hours and apologized, causing a sensationScreenshot

Police intervened, but the man remained motionless and knelt in front of a building, despite requests from officers to pull him back.

Is it illegal for me to kneel here? If it’s not illegal, please spare meTold the authorities. After about a day, the person concerned’s co-workers asked her to speak to her ex-partner so she could leave. Finally, He took his things and left.

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