May 24, 2024

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NATO confirmed it is sending more security forces to Ukraine to fight a Russian invasion

NATO confirmed it is sending more security forces to Ukraine to fight a Russian invasion
Units of the German Patriotic Air Defense System at Vilnius airport, ahead of the NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania (REUTERS/Ints Kalnins)

countries North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) agreed Send more air defense equipment to UkraineAt war with Russia, the secretary general of the transatlantic military alliance announced this Friday. Jens Stoltenberg.

“NATO has developed a list of existing capabilities (…) and There are systems available for Ukraine. So I expect more export announcements soon,” Stoltenberg said.

A senior Norwegian official made the comments at the end of a video conference meeting NATO-Ukraine CouncilThe President of Ukraine participated in it. Volodymyr Zelensky.

In that virtual meeting, the defense ministers of the allied countries “It agreed to provide more military support, including anti-aircraft defense”, insists Ukraine Counter Russian bombing It has worsened again in recent weeks.

The head of the German government, Olaf ScholesIt recently called on Western countries to transfer air defense systems to Ukraine The patriotAmerican product.

Jens Stoltenberg (REUTERS/Johanna Geron)

“I welcome Germany's efforts, including the recent decision to provide Ukraine with an additional Patriot system. In addition to the Patriot, there are other weapons of the Allies. [de la OTAN] They can deliver, including SAM-T,” Stoltenberg said, referring to surface-to-air missile systems.

Also, he added, no NATO countries “Available organizations are committed to providing financial assistance for their purchase to Ukraine”.

According to the alliance's leader, each NATO member country “Decide what to contribute. But the ministers sensed the urgency and promised Additional support In the near future”.

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All I can say is, help will come”, he emphasized. Zelensky in the video conference of Ukraine “He can't wait“And it requires”Seven additional patriotic organizations” or equivalent equipment, the Ukrainian Presidency reported.

“It is clear that Russia has an air advantage and can rely on its drones and rockets, unfortunately, our capabilities on the ground are limited,” he added.

Ukraine is seriously an invitation Increase in aid for military equipment After more than two years of resistance to the Russian invasion, which began in February 2022, it admits that since the second half of last year, it has lost operational capability in air defense.

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr ZelenskyHe said this Friday NATO must choose whether to be Ukraine's ally Expediting delivery of weapons to aid its fighting forces.

Our skies must be safe againZelensky said during a video conference with NATO defense ministers.

“It depends entirely on choice. Choosing whether life really is equally valuable everywhere. Choice of equal treatment of all partners. The choice is whether we are really allies or not,” he continued.

Painting a bleak picture of his forces' ability to withstand Russian ground and air attacks, Zelensky said: Ukraine cannot defend itself without Western support.

“Now, it is obvious that Russia has an aerial advantage and can rely on its terrorism with drones and rockets. Unfortunately, our capabilities on the ground are limited“, he said.

Zelensky called the vote on Saturday US House of RepresentativesOn whether to open a long-delayed $61 billion military aid package, “A very important decision”.

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