May 19, 2024

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The Chief Justice met the judges of cassation Horacio Rossetti was shown in the Commodore bag

The Chief Justice met the judges of cassation  Horacio Rossetti was shown in the Commodore bag

Supreme Horacio Rosati was at the Commodoro Pi courts to participate in a meeting with members of the Federal Chamber of Cassation. According to reports from the court, Rosatti spoke with chambermaids about the use of the adversary system that he wanted to begin implementing in Rosario from one day to the next, which would put investigations in the hands of prosecutors.

Rosatti's visit occurred while Cassation President Mariano Borinski was traveling. First Vice President Daniel Petrone took the call. At the meeting – which began after 10:30 in the Contracts Room on the first floor – were all the judges who make up the court: Diego Barotavena, Gustavo Hornos, Angela Ledesma, Carlos Mahiques, Javier Carbajo, Guillermo Yacopucci and Alejandro Slocar .

“Rosati emphasized the importance of joint work, highlighted the fundamental role of the Federal Cassation in the implementation of the federal criminal procedure law and the possible list of associate judges to cover the contingency, reviewed and asked the agenda of the High Court. The opinion of the judges of the chamber, especially those related to the implementation of procedural reform, personnel and technical equipment,” said They reported to the Supreme Court.

The court's president's visit comes days after Gazans signed a series of rulings holding Iran responsible for attacks on the Israeli embassy and AMIA, praised by Javier Millay's government. There is another decisive issue in the Retiro courts: Judge Ariel Lijo's candidacy for the court, which is opposed by members of the court. A third issue, which was not explained, is that this year the Supreme Leaders will again choose who will lead the court. The election of officers of the Supreme Court usually unleashes tremors within the Talcahuano Palace.

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