December 7, 2023

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NATO ready to defend against “Moscow or Minsk” – DW – 06/28/2023

NATO ready to defend against “Moscow or Minsk” – DW – 06/28/2023

The NATO NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Tuesday (06.27.2023) after his arrival in Belarus that it is ready to defend itself against any threat “from Moscow or Minsk”. Wagner’s boss was Yevgeny Prigogine.

Stoltenberg indicated that NATO will decide to strengthen its defense systems during a mid-July summit in Lithuania to protect all its members, especially those bordering Russia and Belarus.

“It is too early to make a final judgment about the consequences of Prigozhin’s installation in Belarus and the very possible presence of part of his forces in Belarus,” Stoltenberg told reporters.

“What is clear is that we have sent a clear message to Moscow and Minsk: NATO exists to protect every NATO ally and every part of NATO territory,” he declared after a dinner with seven heads of government in The Hague. Organization countries.

“You must not underestimate Russia”

“There is no room for any misunderstanding in Moscow or Minsk about our ability to defend our allies against any potential threat,” he added.

He also emphasized the fact that the West should not “underestimate Russia” despite the chaotic events of the previous weekend.

Belarus announced on Tuesday Prigozhin’s return to its territory as part of an agreement that ended his 24-hour rebellion on Saturday. Russia.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who was a guest at the dinner, for his part rejected the Russian president’s statements. Vladimir PutinThe West wants the Russians to kill each other.

“I reject what Putin said yesterday that we Westerners want Russia to sink into internal chaos. On the contrary, instability in Russia creates instability in Europe,” Rutte said.

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Lukashenko wants to profit from the Wagner group

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