July 19, 2024

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Nayeb Bukhele’s stern warning against food importers: They are going to face problems

Nayeb Bukhele’s stern warning against food importers: They are going to face problems

The president, who is running for a second consecutive term, is angry about the food industry’s price gouging.

Naib BukheleChairman Saviorwas charged this Saturday Food importersIt was broadcast on a national radio and television network in the framework of a meeting with his cabinet.

“I call on importers, marketers and food wholesalers to stop abusing the Salvadoran people or not complain later,” the president began. And he added: “I hope tomorrow’s food will be less than it is now (…) I hope the price will be low, otherwise they will face problems,” he said.

Further, “importers, wholesalers and food vendors who commit these abuses, in the belief that there is no criminal sanction for the abuse, Cases have been registered against them for tax evasion, bribery, food smuggling, false statements etc.

”Everybody’s booked, you know that. You know the crimes you have committed, it will not be a penalty for the increase in the food we will serve. “Don’t complain later, I’m sure food will be cheaper tomorrow than it is now,” he added.

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Bukhel: “Stop the abuse”

And, with his caution, he recalled his actions against gang members, making it clear that he would deliver on what he promised: ”It’s not a joke, as we told the gangs in 2019, they realized it’s not a joke. Food importers, sellers, distributors and wholesalers Stop the abuse, there are unfair increases but it is unfair for them to double the price because of a rumour.”.

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The Rural basket It was in the Central American country US$179.08 for May 2024At the same time the Basic urban food In US$256.56 In the same month.

As for the minimum wage, it is the highest in the trade and service sector $365Following the Mahila Department US$354.36 Then there are agricultural workers US$243.45 And US$272.66.