December 8, 2023

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Nelson Castro says why he traveled to cover war in Middle East: “I’m here by profession”

Nelson Castro says why he traveled to cover war in Middle East: “I’m here by profession”

A group of TN He arrived in Israel a few days ago to give a minute-by-minute account of everything happening in the war between Israel and Hamas. In the middle of a contact between Nelson Castro and TN Central’s Mario Masachesi, who consulted him on the motivations behind his presence in the Middle East and longtime journalist a Exciting confession.

“You already have all the respect your admirers and colleagues give you, don’t you?What motivates you to be in the trenches?“In that uncertain and perpetual fear?” Massachusetts asked him, to which Nelson replied: “Passion for businessI am proud to share this with you all.

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Nelson Castro’s sensational confession on TN’s broadcast. (Video: DN)

“The effect of Tamil Nadu presence on people is impressive,” he added. “Argentinians in Israel continue the fight for TN. When we spoke to the boys, they had all the TN outlets on screen, he explained.

Israel is at war: TN Ambassador experiences a tense moment when questioned by security forces

Julian Obaya talked with Wake up again from Tel Aviv He assured that there was little movement in the city compared to the previous day. When the journalist described what happened during the day, He was intercepted by the school guard who began to interrogate him to find out why he was filming..

The guard asked him Journalist Credential But because it wasn’t printed — the phone Obaya sent had his digital credentials — she told him to keep quiet while she called the police.

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I raise my hands to show that I am not doing any kind of extremismJulian Obaya asked the rest of the team to join him Nelson Castro At that time, the journalist had to submit the credentials asked by the security guard of the school he was visiting.

The special envoy of Dodo Noticias was stopped by a school security guard while on the plane. (Video: DN)

He was live the whole time to save his integrity by calling four police officers and complying with the guard’s request.

Obaya was chased down by the police. And to prove his identity, he has to show four authorities Live broadcast TN It undertakes special protection of conflict.

The police asked him why he was taking pictures of the school. The reporter replied that he did not know that there was an educational institution at that place. Journalist He had to show his photo portfolio to prove that he didn’t have any pictures of the company. In addition, he had to give details of how he came to Israel.

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They are checking my passport and all the places I have been” he added. After a tense moment, checking that everything was okay, they let him continue on his way with the group to the hotel where he was staying. “I already know I don’t have to go out here anymore,” he commented.

“It was a very tense moment because the security man was armed. He had a gun in his hand”, he explained. “One of the police officers told me to be quiet and put my hands down, but They wanted to know what I was doing there and my background.”, he concluded.

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