July 13, 2024

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Noam Chomsky died American linguist turns 95

Noam Chomsky died  American linguist turns 95

American linguist, political scientist, activist and social critic Noam Chomsky died this Tuesday at the age of 95. Last week, his partner, Valeria Wasserman, revealed that he had been hospitalized in Brazil and was recovering from a stroke he suffered in June 2023, which left him with severe health, speech and mobility problems.

‘If you assume that there is no faith, you are promising that there will be no faith. If you feel instinctive about freedom, there are opportunities to change things. Noam Chomsky (1928-2024), intellectual, activist and moral leader, dies“Jacob’s magazine, where Chomsky publishes his articles, is published on his social networks.

A few days ago, in an interview with a newspaper Folha de S.PauloHer husband, a famous linguist partner, had revealed that after recent studies and medical procedures in the United States. He began to make progress from the aftermath of the stroke: he was able to recognize people and had fewer difficulties communicating.

In that interview, Wasserman said he decided to transfer the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor emeritus to Sao Paulo on a private plane with two nurses to speed up his recovery with more personalized treatment, though he did not clarify what. The date of his transfer or to which medical center he was admitted. Yes, he had mentioned He was in the intensive care unit with the help of a medical team A neurologist, a pulmonologist and a speech therapist.

In conversation with Folha de S.PauloWasserman gives an account of how Chomsky lived these last days: he said he followed the news through copies. The New York Times and scientific journals on linguistics. He also said the intellectual raised his left hand in a gesture of sadness or anger at news of the Gaza war.

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