May 23, 2024

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Of all the United States and Europe, Argentina is the fifth least infectious country today

“Summer” of cases Corona virus It is spreading in Argentina. Not sure how much. Some consider this Vaccination status The situation in which the country reaches should not be left out of hand again. But even with the high proportion of the vaccinated population, Delta has already hurt other countries.

For now, the situation today is the same as in Argentina Second country in all America and Europe The lowest number of infections per citizen in the past week. Has been 174 per million people It was only beaten by Paraguay (23), Haiti (42), Ecuador (95) and Nicaragua (102). All the remaining American and European continents are above that number.

On the other hand, low concentrations of infections are found in Asia, Africa and Oceania. Last week, cases in Argentina saw a resurgence 20 percent. Although this decline was enough to establish itself in a place on the planet where our country Govt has fewer new cases, there was a downward trend A slight recession.

It may be related to the delta type Go slow but go. As reported Clarian This Wednesday, the Govt version was discovered in almost 15 days 9 percent of the new samples were tested Malfron Company at that time. What is the forecast for the future?

The experience of other countries indicates that the delta variance has passed 1 percent threshold In registered cases, it only takes 4 or 5 weeks Achieve 20% localization. For example, it happened in Mexico, South Africa, Spain and the United States Similar vaccine doses For those currently from Argentina. Then it took them 8 to 10 weeks to get over 80 percent.

Argentina appears until the last epidemiological surveillance report, its cut was October 4, With a spread 1.91 percent For the delta cases related to the social cycle, i.e. the Assembly elections on November 14, the country is likely to reach that 20 per cent.

What are the main differences currently in Delta, and what are the differences with respect to gamma? It is estimated that its exchange between will increase 79 and 117 per cent Depending on the Wuhan strain, and a 60 percent According to Manas, it has mutations in the spikes that make it more likely to bind to the human cell’s ACE2 receptor.

Also, in one Canadian study, the number of people affected by delta was higher Twice the chance Almost hospitalized Four times as much Should be treated in the intensive care unit Double Risk of dying by covit. This study was approved and published by the CDC of the United States.

Infections were recorded at the ORT School, Delta, in Belarus.  Photo: Federico Lopez Claro

Infections were recorded at the ORT School, Delta, in Belarus. Photo: Federico Lopez Claro

The Virus loads Of the people vaccinated against Delta, more were infected than other vaccinated individuals infected with other strains of the corona virus. The population affected by this variation is approx 1,000 times more particles People infected with other strains of the corona virus are more likely to be infected with the virus in their upper respiratory tract.

A study published in the Lancet Journal on August 27 found that there was a risk of being rushed to an emergency room or hospital. 1.5 times more For people affected by delta variation compared to the alpha type. This is the biggest investigation that has taken place so far 40,000 corona virus cases UK between March 29 and May 23, 2021.

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The delta variation is total 13 mutations Four of the specific viruses are located in the spicule area Very relevant. They are associated with increased metabolism, escape from the neutralizing antibody response, and binding to the cell receptor and decreased recognition of the immune system.