September 26, 2023

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Paltze, the popular dog who took social media by storm with stickers and memes, has died

Paltze, the popular dog who took social media by storm with stickers and memes, has died

Paltze, the famous dog of memes and better known as “Seams”, died this Friday, August 18. This was confirmed by their owners through social media.

“He fell asleep during his last chest surgery on Friday morning. First, we wanted to arrange chemotherapy or other possible treatment for him after this surgery. It is too late”, Expressed with great resiliency on Facebook.

A sad farewell to Paltze, the viral dogFacebook

In July, its owners, through an examination, reported that the animal They found three small neoplasms. Besides, There was difficulty in breathing So, at your last visit to the vet, He was diagnosed with cancer.

Despite the encouraging data, they did everything possible to care for him and get him treatment There was less pain and invasiveness For him, but he could not survive the operation.

Through the brochure they shared, its owners dedicated some emotional words to it, where the dog showed how happy it was in life. He asked users not to feel sad about his departure. “Remember the joy Baltse brought to the world,” they said.

Balltze, known as Chems, had been in poor health in recent months.Balltze/Instagram

“A Shiba-inu with the round smile that connects you and me helped many during the pandemic. He brought so much joy to so many people, but now his work is done. I think she is free in heaven eating lots of delicious food with her new friends,” the post concluded.

One of the seams Shiba Inu dog breed Originally from Hong Kong, China. For example, the animal became a star thanks to a series of memes that played on words replacing the letter “N” with “M” to join sentences, for example: “It worries me.”

Paltze is a Shiba Inu dog from Hong Kong and another dog of the same breed is one of the most popular memes of this era.catch

His odd nickname arose in a Reddit chat, where he was called “Seams” because of his taste in Seams burgers or cheeseburgers.

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Dog has a powerful profile on social networks. 620,000 followers on Instagram alone. There their owners posted pictures of their daily activities with their pet.