September 29, 2023

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Danger to “Patria Grande”: Lula and Maduro express their concerns to the government about the rise of Miley

Danger to “Patria Grande”: Lula and Maduro express their concerns to the government about the rise of Miley

From Buenos Aires to Caracas, via Brasilia, Anxiety grows like wildfire. This has been going on since last Sunday 13th Javier Miley He became an unexpected winner in the primaries and positioned himself in a radical and decisive way in the presidential elections in October.

President of Brazil Luis Inacio Lula da SilvaHe shares these hours with his Argentinian partner Alberto Fernandez and Venezuela Nicolás MaduroAmong other things, doubts about the future Regional Integration ProjectThe libertarian leader promises that it will be smashed to pieces when it arrives at the Casa Rosada in December.

He MercosurMiley said she was trying to get rid of it Unasur And this Celiac, the Brazilian – with a nod to leaders like Argentina and Venezuela – is creating a triad of regional organizations that he uses to bolster his leadership, including his role in BRICS and the G20. A government like Milei, they will repeat, almost the same way, in the three South American capitals Disrupts agreements already made and disrupts harmony It should be clarified that this is not unanimous across the region, with different visions coming together in these international forums.

“The integration plan succeeded, and There are many concerns about the future of Mercosur in Brazilin politics and business,” they opined Nation Headed by the Argentine Embassy in Brasilia Daniel Cioli. Maduro, who has joined hands with Lula and begun to return to international forums such as Unasur, faces the same concern as the Chavista regime still faces condemnation and harsh criticism of its human rights and civil rights policy from the United States. and from countries with progressive governments such as the United States and Chile Gabriel Boric.

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As far as he could tell Nation, Maduro also tried to meetLed by close collaborators of the Argentine Embassy in Venezuela Oscar LabordWhat are the chances of a real victory for a leader who called him a “dictator” and “narcotics trafficker” and himself a “far-right neo-Nazi and fascist” at a meeting of the Sao Paulo forum in November? Last year? He, who is gearing up for next year’s elections, has denied the opposition’s allegations. Maduro has intensified his relationship with Lula and ArgentinaWith high and prudent business flow in recent months.

Presidents Alberto Fernandez and Luis Inacio Lula da Silva during the last Mercosur meeting in Puerto Iguazú (Photo by Nelson Almeida/AFP)Nelson Almeida – Thelam

Without denying the potential risks of Miley’s rise, this is according to Nation A topic of conversation for Fernández, Lula da Silva and other presidents of the continent during their inaugurations Santiago pen As the new president of Paraguay, they wear cool clothes from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and at least from the public discourse, they assure that the process of regional integration is still there.

“Because a political agenda emerges and a new political agenda is imposed, or not so new (Mauritius) Macri With had already emphasized (Sebastian) Pinera, spun off by Unasur and developed by ProSur. But Miley did not win the general election and he has a long way to go before he wins,” he added. Gabriel FuxThe State Department’s brand new Under Secretary for Latin America.

This week, and rejecting trade with China on grounds of “disagreement with the communists,” Miley contradicted a rapprochement with Lula, whom he called a “left-handed defender of dictatorship” and vowed to quit. He described Mercosur as a “flawed customs union”.

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“Milei effectively because it is difficult to break Mercosur It never broke even in moments of greatest tension”, adds Fuchs, implicitly referring to the criticism of the former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro The regional camp and threats from the Uruguayan president, Luis Lacalle Pou, get rid of the “ballast” that the current Mercosur means to him, and accelerate bilateral trade agreements such as China and Oceania countries. With Bolivia in the process of joining Mercosur, Fuchs countered that “integration is growing, not going backwards,” though friction was hidden at that trade meeting. Indeed, Paraguay’s claim was heard on Thursday by its charge d’affaires. Juan Ramon Cano MontanaDue to the increased cost of tolls paid by vessels crossing the Parana-Paraguay waterway.

If Mercosur shows signs of validity despite internal problems and frictions, the future of Unasur and Celac looks even more difficult. After the Miley wave was unleashed. As Celac’s president, Alberto Fernández encouraged negotiations with the European Union and tacit participation of the United States in the Brussels summit, although he had to accommodate the demands of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua to keep the meeting together. An organization founded by the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

Argentina works alongside Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the current president of the Community of States, and Honduras, its president. Xiomara Castro (closer to Vice President Christina Kirchner) will take over next year. “If Miley wins, the situation will change because you can’t go to a forum and insult other members,” they recalled from the Foreign Ministry. In the case of Unasur, Lula da Silva also worked to get 12 South American countries to attend the summit on May 31 (including Venezuela), and sources agree that a blunder by Miley could break that basic consensus.

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He has already decided not to travel to next week’s BRICS summit in Johannesburg – where Argentina’s accession to the powerful trade bloc will not be discussed – and with less than four months left in his term, the president is backing Lula’s regional initiatives. Although a larger Homeland project poses many additional challenges, he continues to have a strong personal relationship with her. One of them is the candidate in the elections in Ecuador this Sunday Rafael Correa, Luisa GonzalezVoted high but suffered after the murder of one of its rivals, Fernando Villavicencio. The development of John’s title“Ecuador Rambo”, which averaged fifteen points yesterday, threatens to create a political earthquake in the country in the medium term, similar to Miley’s earthquake.

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