December 3, 2023

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Panic and tension in Sao Paulo: A burning hot air balloon crashes into a building

Panic and tension in Sao Paulo: A burning hot air balloon crashes into a building
A hot air balloon crashed into a burning building in Sao Paulo

The hot air balloon caught fire and crashed into a residential building In the municipality of Aruja, São Paulo, Brazil.

The incident, which happened on Saturday night, quickly went viral. created panic in the neighborhood and a neighbor was able to film what happened from his cell phone.

You can see in recorded images The balloon bursts into flames Crashed into a building. People around were scared They started shouting I thought there might be a big fire.

According to the Aruja mayor’s office, witnesses to the incident called the municipal police, military police and the fire department, but when they arrived Everything was under control. Local media G1 pointed out that There were no injuries It is just fear.

According to the mentioned portal, This is the third incident involving balloons in the Alto Taite region of Greater São Paulo over the weekend.. Balloons were seen flying on Saturday morning Mogi Das Cruiseindicated G1.

Also, Sunday Environmental police caught a gang Launching two balloons over a farm in Susano. total, 18 persons were surprised by the forces. At the site, they found items including five balloons, seven coils of rope, two gas cylinders and four torches.

Balloon release is an environmental crime in Brazil. The expected penalty is one to three years in prison and a fine.

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