December 1, 2023

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Joanna Chance, Dani Alves’ ex, surprised everyone on Instagram with two photos in a micro bikini

Joanna Chance, Dani Alves’ ex, surprised everyone on Instagram with two photos in a micro bikini

Joanna Chance, Dani Alves’ ex, raised the temperature on Instagram with some photos in a Jacuzzi bikini. (Photo: Instagram/@joanasanz)

Jonah ChanceEx Daniel AlvesHe had a very difficult year personally. In early 2023, he was infected Death From her mother, it was a hard blow to her. A week later, his partner at the time was the Brazilian full-back Arrest Inside Barcelona By a Rape complaint By a 23-year-old girl.

The influencer and model has been embroiled in several controversies since her relationship with the footballer. As a result, in recent months, she has decided to distance herself from the environment that has surrounded her since January. Recently, for his birthday, he chose a trip to Colombia He shared some photos of the jacuzzi.

Jonah went to Colombia to celebrate his birthday with his friend. (Photo: Instagram/@joanasanz)

through your account instagram, @jonasonsI uploaded some photos Bikini Also, A Reflection About everything that lived in these months. A few days ago, he uploaded a publication in which he made a striking request: “Well, my people, do not look for me, do not call me, I came to heaven alone … a beauty.”

Through his stories, he recorded a video of himself talking to his followers. “After six months of being single, I realized that it’s fine, you don’t need anyone,” she said. “Not that the better half. We are full oranges and we have people with whom we share moments,” she said, referring to her breakup with the footballer.

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The influencer shared some high-voltage photos of the Jacuzzi. (Photo: Instagram/@joanasanz)

Later, he shared some photos High voltage She flaunts her body in a floral bikini. The pictures were taken in the jacuzzi at his accommodation. In the background, there was a dream landscape in which he shot his best scenes in other stories.

The last picture he uploaded was a postcard photo on the back to the camera. “Without filters”, he added in the text of the story. His ‘stories’ captivated his followers and set the social media abuzz. Joanna enjoys her stay Colombia And share her day on her Instagram account.