October 3, 2023

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Panic in Punta del Este: Mega operation to find missing 17-year-old girl on beach

Panic in Punta del Este: Mega operation to find missing 17-year-old girl on beach

PUNTA DEL ESTE.— Department of Maldonado He started looking for a 17-year-old girlThe person who went out of the house on Tuesday afternoon did not return home. The police headquarters sought the cooperation of local people to trace her. They found the young woman’s bag buried on the beach this Wednesday morning.

Valentina Cancela SarmoriaThe 17-year-old is finally going to meet her at stop seven at Brava Beach in Punta del Este on Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. ex-boyfriend on the beach, She had a tumultuous relationship with him: she denounced him for sexual violence in June and obtained a restraining orderAccording to relatives, the Uruguayan newspaper underlined.

The young woman was wearing a black jacket and carrying a blue backpack, which was found by local police on Wednesday.

Maldonado Police Chief, to corrode ruizIn a conversation with journalists, he explained that the backpack was buried: “A well needs to be dug and closed, it is buried at least 20 centimeters and there is movement of sand in that place”He declared.

Meanwhile it was known that the teenager She meets her ex-boyfriend and walks into the beach with him. According to the cameras of the Ministry of Interior.

The ex-boyfriend was arrested And the army raided his house. Ruiz limited himself to saying in a press conference “You can’t even talk to him because he is younger”. However, the young man reported that he and Valentina had chatted at the place for two hours and then left the beach alone.

The prosecutor’s office and the special judge will be responsible for maintaining contact with the juvenile.

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Ruiz assured that the Interior Ministry’s cameras were recording “All the Moves of the Night” And they were reconstructing the facts. And, he added “50% on land and 50% on sea” search is carried out. From the murder case, The body may have been washed in water.

“If (the discovery) is in the water, we need at least six days, unless it rains a lot and the tide doesn’t bring it to the beach, but It doesn’t appear hereIt will appear off the coast of Jose Ignacio and Rocha,” he added.

The police arrived at Brava’s 5th stop and found the missing girl’s bag there. Photo sent by locals

Maldonado Police A An intense search by land, air and sea to find the young woman. Special dogs and drones of the Republican Guard arrived at the scene in search of the young woman. A police helicopter also patrols, unable to find anything at the moment “due to the acacias” on the beach.

Currently, the area has been cordoned off and they are awaiting the arrival of the Science Police. Police request anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of the girl to contact emergency services or the nearest police station.

parallel, Her classmates at High School 5 in Punta del Este set up a separate search: they shared her pictures through their social networks and communicated through a forum looking for unknown people.Updating any information related to the case.

Messages from your high school classmates on social media

“Hi people, if you don’t know if this is true, I’m here to ask you please don’t spread the information. I got a lot of information that had nothing to do with it and no one knew where they came from. Valentina’s whereabouts are not officially known because she has heard many people claim that her body has been found. At least sympathize with the family and close friends, we are going through a very bad time,” one of his colleagues posted on Instagram.

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With information from El País Uruguay


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