March 30, 2023

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Paulo Londra and the scandal of leaked chats: how was the brutal cross between his ex and his girlfriend on social networks

Rocio Moreno, the mother of the singer’s two daughters, accused the singer’s partner, Martina Quedclas, of using the girls to clean up her image. (Photo: Instagram / martuquetglas, romoreno1)

Brown snowFormer partner of the singer Paulo LandraHe shocked his followers on Instagram Attempt to contact the artist’s current girlfriend, Martina Quedclas, via private message. The angry young woman wrote on her network a word that defines everything: “cynical”.

Not satisfied, Londra’s mother of two daughters added a photo of herself hugging one of the girls, Francisca. In the postcard, the young woman wrote a strong defense of what she considered the third paradox. “Well, when he was 4 months old, he didn’t care, now he wants to make an invoice with his picture”On the baby’s first birthday, she said, referring to a post with Martina Paulo with gifts.

Rocio Moreno’s posts relive his internship with Paulo Londra and Martina Quedclas. (Photo: Instagram / romoreno1)

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For his part, The current partner of the rapper did not miss the promptings of Rocio And responded via Twitter: “Dishonest is falsifying chat, circus on networks. He has no other way to seek fame except by placing women in the middleI don’t get into other people’s business, and this is the last time I reply to what they are talking about without knowing what they are talking about. Look who ever needs this circus”, Martu pointed out very hotly.

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Answer by Martina Quetclas, Paulo Londra’s current girlfriend. (Photo: Twitter / martinaquetglas)

In a recent interview, Rocio clarified that Martina openly asked not to upload photos of girls on her networks, and even less for advertising purposes. According to him, the response he received was attacks and insults from the young woman and the girls’ own father. “He never cared about the welfare of the children. I’m not going to allow him to make exchanges or clean up his image now,” he said. Moreno settles down.

How Rocio Moreno’s Life Changed After Breaking Up With Paulo Londra

After they broke up, Paulo Londra and Rocio Moreno An agreement was signed in 2022 A maintenance allocation was defined for the two daughters What they have in common -Isabella, 2 years old, and Francesca, a few months old- and “financial compensation” for the young woman. Months after the legal dispute, the girl Shared images How did you get into your new home?

In his social networks, Rocio showed a piece of happiness What did you have when you moved into the property? He was able to buy after a financial agreement with his ex-partner.

Rocio Moreno shared a video of himself with his youngest daughter upon arrival at his new home (Photo: Instagram/romoreno1)

Mother of Londra’s daughters through a video she uploaded on her Instagram In those days he was very happy with his new life.

“Thank you to my family for being with me and knowing how to guide me. Thank you mom for putting the case on your shoulders Fight with me for the sake of my women. Thanks to my friends who see me every time I’m tired and very sad,” he commented on the publication of his networks.

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