June 18, 2024

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Psychologists evaluate the mental health of a Santiago man accused of being a terrorist by the FBI

Psychologists evaluate the mental health of a Santiago man accused of being a terrorist by the FBI

Almost six months after the prosecution “Threat of terrorist attackBº El Vinalar’s neighbor, who was under house arrest, was able to leave his home to assist in three sessions of psychological expertise in federal court.

About Jesus Mathias eyebrowsNicknamed “Matt” (24), he is assisted by lawyers Eliana Ramos Yapour and Javier Leyva. “Public Intimidation“, said federal prosecutor Indiana Garzon.

Under heavy federal security, the young man left his private home and went to the forensic psychologist’s office: the routine was followed on February 13, 15, and 17, beginning at 9 a.m.

Before the specialist in psychology, “Matt“He answered various questions about his mental health, his relationship with the world, his view of society, before and after his arrest.

Confidential Report

His story went viral on June 15, 2022. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) received an email from the Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Unit of the Federal Police.

The document revealed that “Matt Xanpilled”, a user of the social networking site Facebook, sent different messages to a private chat group with 622 recipients. “I was going to blow up Brendan Tarrant and then get killed by the police. That’s when I became serious about choosing violence. It helps a lot. What Brendan did in New Zealand saved my life. And I’m proud of that. It made me realize that all is not lost,” Santiago’s message read.

Urgently, a federal judge, Sebastian Argiboy, ordered a search of “Matt’s” home. For the magistrate, there was “threat and possibility of material terrorist attack”. Also, it was revealed from his Facebook page that he interacted with English speaking youths with whom he communicated in English.

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“Good morning. I want to paint the ceiling with my brain,” he greeted one morning. “Find God. Christianity is the only true religion,” he insisted ironically: “God wants us to have children and arms,” ​​he insisted profoundly. “A 45 kg woman called me ugly. Is her opinion as useless as the United Nations?” He said in 2021.

Computer experts had almost everything on him. Although he posed next to his father, the only thing missing was his name, which he did not reveal on his wall. A tag on Facebook exposed it. A relative tagged him in a picture with his paternal surname and the missing clue came to investigators.

Inquiry and comedy

On August 2, 2022, he was questioned and said that it was a joke and that he had no intention of committing violent acts against anyone. It was all a misunderstanding. Saying that what was said could be misrepresented, he reiterated, “It’s a joke.”

Judge Argibay charged him with “public intimidation,” sentenced him to two to six years in prison and confiscated $100,000 in his property. Now, he is being assisted by psychologists and the results will be sent to the magistrate in the next few weeks, a spokesperson insisted.