March 21, 2023

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Pedro Castillo’s government asked the OAS to implement the Democratic Charter

(President of the Republic)

Government of Peter’s Castle requested that Organization of American States (OAS) It implements Articles 17 and 18 Inter-American Democratic Charter In the face of the severe political crisis that has rocked Peru since its constitutional condemnation Advocate of the nation Crimes of criminal organization, influence peddling and bad collusion.

In a letter to Luis AlmagroThe Secretary General of the OAS stated, “Considering the successive events and circumstances that have occurred in Peru in recent months, the legislative branch has the intention of resorting to said devices due to the proper exercise of power. In apparent contradiction to the provisions regulating the separation of powers of the Public Ministry and other constitutional bodies, constitutional provisions and the rule of law, Peru’s order and democratic institutions have structured a process aimed at transforming the coup, its dysfunction and control, prompting the creation of Articles 17 and 18 of the Inter-American Democratic Charter as a preventive mechanism to protect democracy and avoid constitutional decay.

As recalled, Castillo was denounced by the prosecutor’s office for allegedly being the head of a criminal organization “rooted” in the state for the Puente Tarada and Petroperu cases.

In the first case, the Peruvian president would have used it Ministry of Transport and Communications 58 million dollars in bribes in exchange for a businessman who contributed to his election campaign with work. For this purpose, Castillo would have partnered with his nephews, FRey Vasquez Castillo, Gianmarco Castillo Gomez And former minister today Joan SilvaAccording to the prosecutor’s office.

Pedro Castillo's government asks the OAS to implement the Democratic Charter
Pedro Castillo’s government asks the OAS to implement the Democratic Charter

In the second case, an ex-rural teacher would have been appointed Hugo Chavez Arevalo As general manager of the state-owned company Petroperú, he can decide on million-dollar contracts. One of them was a $47 million grant to the company Haven Petroleum Operators (HPO) 280,000 barrels for biodiesel. The owner of the aforementioned company, this action turned out to be true. Sameer AbadayeA meeting with Castillo at the Government House.

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For these issues, Congress promotes one-third Presidential vacancy motion. Calculations suggest that it will already have the support of 69 legislators.

A fresh motion is presented by the non-aligned Congress Edward Malaga, The president assured on Monday that parliamentarians from various benches are currently seeking the necessary votes and signatures to fill the vacuum through a nearly 100-page motion.

The text was also signed by those accused of being part of the Popular Action Congress ‘children’Like Ilich López.

In response to the government’s request, Luis Almagro has called an emergency meeting of the OAS Permanent Council. If the request is accepted, Articles 17 and 18 The US Democratic Charter states:

“Article 17 of the Democratic Charter reveals that when the government of a Member State considers that its democratic political institutional process or its proper exercise of power is at risk, it may turn to the Secretary-General or the Permanent Council for assistance. Strengthening and Protecting Democratic Institutions”.

“Article 18 of the Democratic Charter states that situations that affect the development of the democratic institutional political process in a member state or may affect the legitimate exercise of power, the Secretary-General or the Permanent Council may do with the prior approval of the government. Affected, organize visits and other activities to analyze the situation. The Secretary-General shall make a report to the Permanent Council. will submit, and the latter will make a joint assessment of the situation and, if necessary, take decisions aimed at protecting and strengthening democratic institutions.

Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS, convened an emergency meeting to examine the Peruvian government's request.
Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS, convened an emergency meeting to examine the Peruvian government’s request.

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