July 14, 2024

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Poone Nala who became a subway station manager

Poone Nala who became a subway station manager
These are the turnstiles where Nala usually sits to get people’s attention (Facebook The Adventures of Nala)

Nala is a Orange cat White-chested who became the manager of a subway station Stevenage, England. People who use public transport regularly see a cat sitting between the turnstiles, as its job is to check that all people have paid their fares.

Natasha AmberCat owner, decided to open a group Facebook Hundreds of people share their encounters with their pet, and their pet’s popularity grew so quickly that it now has a fan base.

According to the information BBC LondonThe Kitten He is four years old and lives very close to the station, which is why he goes there every day to check that things are under control. Amber In an interview with the said media, she explained that her pet likes to roam freely and every day is a different adventure.

Cat always arrives on time at her check-in time (Facebook The Adventures of Nala)

Amber He shared that he had to install a GPS tracking device on his pet because of his independent spirit, as he is sometimes spotted in different areas, apart from going to the subway station every day. Stevenage. The woman recalled that on one occasion her pet spent the entire night inside the theater and one of her friends had to take her back home.

Nala She has a collar with an identification tag and her owner’s contact, however, she had to replace this item because she had 20 calls. pet was lost

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“We had to find a second label to tell people she wasn’t lost,” he shared. Amber She worries about her pet’s freedom, because even though it loves so much and makes everyone it comes across happy, one day it will decide to board a train and run away to another town.

Shawn Smith, Station Manager Great Northwas shared BBC was pleased with the visits of Kitten, because generally the atmosphere of the place begins to change. Subway users are happier and employees have improved their productivity.

“It breaks down barriers by making people laugh and starting happy conversations between people and customers, which helps our team feel part of the local community, which makes everyone happy,” commented the director.

Nala after retirement (Facebook The Adventures of Nala)

In the group Facebook called “Adventures of Nala” Many users highlight how important it is to see the animal sitting on the turnstiles and how important the ability to catch kittens in the morning is to their day.

“She made me happy When I board the train in the morning To work”, “It’s so beautiful. The only real celebrity in town,” are some of the comments that have had the most interactions on the platform in recent days.

Amber He shared that his cat knows how to walk alone on the street and every night, after “working as a train manager” he returns home, eats dinner and falls asleep to continue his busy work of brightening the lives of citizens.

The cat becomes the most popular pet in her town (Facebook The Adventures of Nala)